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A little zoom on Spotyride’s favorite nautical news! What are the latest innovations and nautical activities or the new trendy spots in France and around the world.
The little extra? Interviews from the nautical world professionals.

Sports of the month

Discover the list of water sports presented by our Spotyteam experts, such as kitesurfing, wakeboarding, foiling, windsurfing, canyoning. Find with Spotyride all the water sports to practice anywhere in the world. So, are you more canoeing? Canyoning ? foil? 



Canoe Kayak

Hobby of the month

Every month, find the unusual leisure to do! Spotyride brings you new sports and activities to do with your friends, your family or alone. Enjoy a moment of pleasure and thrills for the more adventurous! All you have to do is riding! 

Interview of Portugal Dive

Interview of Portugal Dive

Discover the beauty of the waters of Portugal on the surface and in depth with Portugal Dive. Thanks to their many qualified and specialized instructors, they offer you different circuits, each as spectacular as the next, as well as completely personalized dives.

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Our tops

Articles that bring together the best rankings according to various subjects, such as water sports and leisure, destinations… Don’t know the best surf spots? Find them here! 

Innovation in watersports

For those who like to discover the latest innovations in the nautical world. The Spotyteam devotes a section to it especially for your attention. What are they ? The electric foil and the sea scooter!

Advices from the Spotyteam

What are the best gear for water sports? What are the best conditions for practicing these sports? How to prepare for your trips? In order to create your best memories, the Spotyteam leaves you all its advice in these different articles. 

The surfing events of the 2024 Olympics will take place in Tahiti!

The 2024 Olympic Games are coming up! In order to prepare for this event, the Spotyteam has come up with an article on the surfing events…

Nautical activities to try out in Gruissan

Summer is coming to an end, so the Spotyteam is presenting you with a list of all the activities to discover here in Gruissan!

Spots of the month

Surf on Spotyride, to spot trending spots around the world. All you have to do is ride.