2024 Miami Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show: Dive into the nautical event of the year   The 2024 edition of the Miami Boat Show is about to begin,…

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Watersports activities to do in September

Summer is coming to an end, but you can still enjoy!The month of September is full of surprises and the weather is still favorable to…

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Wakeboarder on a light blue body of water

Trying out new quirky activities: wakeboarding!

Does your ideal summer exclusively consist of sun, mojitos and towed water activities? Why not spice it up a bit? Try out new water…

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The surfing events of the 2024 Olympics will take place in Tahiti!

The 2024 Olympic Games are coming up! In order to prepare for this event, the Spotyteam has come up with an article on the surfing events…

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Swimming for dummies

Swimming is a crucial skill to have. Although it may seem simple at first, it is not the case! There are different swim styles. Do you…

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World Wakeboard Championships

2021 IWWF World Wakeboard Championships

The 2021 IWWF Wakeboard World championships will be held in Italy next July The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation’s (IWWF)…

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water riders

Water Riders, the reference in water riding

Water riders is a new water sport to go beyond the roads and paths… and enjoy the joys of sliding even in calm weather! Whether on…

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Advices from a former wakeboard world champion

Hello spotylectors! Some time ago in the media, we read many comments on the wakeboarding fall of Marine Lorphelin. Reading this news, we…

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How to choose your first wakeboard board?

The Wakeboard takes an important place in the identity and origin of Spotyride. Rich in thrills, practicable at sea, in lakes, ponds… In…

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wakeskate weekends

Léo Labadens interview – wakeskate player

Hi Léo! Can you tell us a little bit more about you?My name is Léo Labadens, I am 32 years old and I come from Toulouse. Since I was 11…

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Meet Emmanuelle Joly, champion and surfer

Interview of Emmanuelle JOLY, surfer with an incredible recordThe Spotymag had the opportunity to interview Emmanuelle in order to…

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green water activities

Green water activities

How can we best combine human activity with the preservation of nature?This is the question that many people ask themselves. For…

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