You want to discover Portugal in a different way? Spotyride joins forces with Portugal Dive! Diving in Portugal through first dives, autonomous explorations, discover an offer that suits you. Visit Portugal with your feet in the water (and not only!) for a unique experience in the local marine life. Did you really know all the treasures of this Western European country? Grab your mask and fins and head out into the Atlantic Ocean!

1. Scuba diving in portugal

From rocks to underwater species, Portugal offers itself to you in a different way. From North to South, through Madeira and the Azores, scuba diving in Portugal promises an immersive & special experience! Indeed, beginners or experienced divers are welcome to dive while mixing nautical pleasure and cultural expansion. Come and make a first dive or an initiation to diving.

Indeed, Portugal has been elected winner of the World Travel Award – World’s Leading Destination in 2019. The country has more than 20 different diving sites.

2. Scuba diving in Portugal, different spots

A / Mainland Portugal

South Portugal: Algarve

Next, diving in Portugal can be done in the Algarves. This area of the Faro district is famous for its golf, its nautical past but also its marine reserve.

You can imagine… Long beach with warm sand, unique rocks, a warm and calm sea, a setting that ensures safety and tranquility. Rocha beach is home to infrastructures dedicated to the practice of water sports. For example, the Ocean Revival Park is a great place for diving.

The Ocean Revival Park is the result of a project to promote underwater tourism. This is why these wrecks are also the place where artificial reefs are installed. In accordance with the OSPAR convention, you will find the following wrecks:

  • Zambeze Ocean Patrol (292 tons for 44m long and 8 width)
  • Oliveira e Carmo Corvette (1430 tons, 85m long and 12 width)
  • Almeida Carvalho Hydrographic Ship (1320 tons, 64m long and 12 width)
  • Hermenegildo Capelo Frigata (2700 tons, 102m long and 12 width)

Would you like to go and meet these marine giants?

nudibranch, underwater animal in the algarves (Portugal)

Lisbon region

As a tourist city, Lisbon is increasingly asserting itself as a destination for water sports. Between cultural diversity and sports opportunities, the Lisbon region also reveals its underwater treasures.


First of all, located in an old fishermen’s town, Sesimbra offers a descent to a depth of 15.5 meters. So, ready to be welcomed by dorados, bearded fish, octopuses or morays, to go and rub shoulders with their fellow sponges, anemones and starfish at the bottom. However, some fish may hide in the corals, maybe they are shy? Cuttlefish, pipefish, soft and hard corals will be happy to guide you through their territories. Indeed, if you are attentive to your environment, you will surely have the chance to see some zeus faber.

Diving in Portugal in the Lisbon area also means discovering the seabed of Cascais and Fonte da Telha…

underwater life - diving in sesimbra, portugal


Diving in Portugal, especially in the Lisbon area, also involves discovering the natural reserve of Berlengas. This reserve promises to make diving easy, and to discover the fauna and flora. Between barbs, red mullets, sea breams, sunfish or lobsters, amateurs will find their happiness in this underwater world!

For more advanced divers, the Berlengas propose to discover wrecks and more precisely the wreck of the Primavera. Easily accessible, this wreck is enthroned at the bottom of the water and is only waiting for daring explorers… Maybe you?

In other words, Lisbon offers you its wonders, seducing you through an aquatic perspective, to rediscover the city.

scuba diving berlengas

Cascais and Fonte da Telha

Cascais is a great place for diving in Portugal, especially thanks to these two spots: Pedra Furada and Pata Roxas. Diving areas with a sandy bottom, these spots offer a new approach to the coast of Cascais, known for its architectural style.

Pedra Furada is a spot with a maximum depth of 20 meters, offering divers to swim between canyons 5 meters deep, marine life and underwater caves. On the other hand, Pata Roxas offers a different experience, with rock formations and a high concentration of dogfish.

Finally, Fonte da Telha, a spot famous for its opportunities to practice kitesurfing or surfing, reveals itself differently through diving. Off the coast of this authentic fishing village, there are dives for different levels: observation of the marine fauna and flora of the coast or board the wreck of the trawler Maria Eduarda further offshore.

Other wrecks are also waiting for you in the Berlengas area…


Porto, the gateway to northern Portugal. Notably, famous for its wine, its historical center classified by UNESCO, Porto offers you its underwater wonders. One of the most popular spots is the wreck U-Boat 1277, a former German submarine from the Second World War. It is located about 3 km off Porto, at a depth of 31 m. Discover the history of this boat, now home to octopus, pout, or white anemones.

B / The Azores archipelago

Diverse, and rich in history, the Portuguese underwater life offers exceptional dives, making this experience unreal. This is the case of the Azores! A destination offering a privileged moment with manta rays, sharks, schools of fish and also whales.

Are you still hesitating? Well, the Azores are known as one of the best diving destinations in the whole world. So, be tempted by the beauty and reputation of this destination. The depths of the Azores are waiting for you to discover its ocean gifts.

manta ray, scuba diving azores

C / Madeira

First of all, known as Cristiano Ronaldo’s native island, Madeira reveals itself in a new light. Diving in Portugal to discover the new sporting heritage of this island.

For example, Madeira offers you to visit the “Bom Rei”, a wreck located at a depth of 32 meters. Indeed, this wreck is home to marine plants and various fish. The little extra? The good condition of this old ship gives you the opportunity to guess the different rooms, including the excavator, a place of refuge for morays. Interested in private lessons for wreck diving? This spot is ideal!

You are already convinced? Good for you! However, don’t forget to pass by the natural reserve of Garajau… An exceptional site where you will meet the locals: groupers, amberjacks, tunas, barracudas or manta.

Therefore, to spice up your stay, choose Madeira, as a diving destination in Portugal!

scuba diving madeira

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