Here is a non-exhaustive list of water sports to practice with the family, brought to you by the Spotyteam. Both adults and children are guaranteed to have a blast! Find fun activities and ideas for your next family outing, during either weekends or holidays. These activities are perfect to initiate the younger ones to water sports.

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Water sports and activities for the family

Spotyride’s spots guide to water activities offers a list of sports for the whole family.

Everyone will have a blast practicing these water activities!

1 – Paddle-boarding

Whether it be stand-up paddle (SUP), paddle yoga, paddleboarding… This sport is accessible to every generation regardless of age. Have fun in the water and spend time with your family with this relaxing activity. Paddle-boarding can be practiced in still water, lakes, rivers, or the sea.

Paddle-boarding was founded in Hawaii in the 60s. It consists of standing on a board (heavier and more stable than a surfboard), and rowing. For younger children and beginners, kneeling to keep your balance is also an option.
Paddle-boarding allows you to enjoy short nautical strolls in different environments while initiating the youngsters to nautical sports.

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family water activities: paddle

2 – Canoeing

Canoeing can be practiced in every environment. Finding a spot near you with Spotyride should be easy!

This activity is relaxing yet requires effort. It will enable you to go on long water trips, and discover local wildlife and plants.
This sport appeared in 1865 in the UK and spread in France in 1869. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a nature outing with the whole family, as the canoes can hold several people.

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To find out more about canoe spots and book a session for your next vacation, click here.

family water activities: kayaking

3 – Windsurfing

This popular water sport is particularly appreciated as it is accessible to everyone. Windsurfing is a guaranteed success with the whole family. Set sail while balancing on your board. This sport can be practiced on both oceans and lakes.

This board sport was created in France in the 70s. It’s a staple sport to have fun with the family.
Find out more about wind sailing spots for your next weekend or vacation : wind surfing spots.

family water activities: windsurfing

4 – Kneeboarding

This sport is a variation of waterskiing. Kneeboarding is more accessible to children or beginners. It consists of kneeling on a board to keep your balance.

The rider is towed by a motorboat and slides on the water. The speed combined with the position creates a remarkable adrenaline rush.

This sport appeared in France in the 60s and is overwhelmingly appreciated by the general public. It’s its adrenaline rush caused by the speed that is sought after.

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family water activities: kneeboard

And there you have it! You are now ready to find your next family activity. Of course, these are also great fun between friends.

Practicing water sports is a great way to combine exercise with fun. And while you’re at it, have a little swim between two paddleboarding or windsurfing falls. Make the most out of your experience in the water.

These outdoor activities will please everyone, from beginners to experts. They are easy to grasp which makes them very accessible. For some, this will be an opportunity to discover the world of water sports, and for others, to improve on their skills.
Beaches, rivers, and seas are calling your name. So, what are you waiting for? Book your activity and accommodation on Spotyride!

Have a great time! And don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, follow all safety rules, and watch over your little ones!