Searider Aqua Bike: The aquatic revolution

SEARIDER AQUA BIKE - A revolution in aquatic adventures with electric innovationSearider Aqua Bike introduces a revolutionary concept in…

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stand up paddle électrique e-motion de coasto

E-motion: The new electric stand up paddle

The electric inflatable stand up paddle, a Coasto innovationCoasto is an innovative company specializing in water sports and water…

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Neocean la nouvelle annexe pour les plongeurs

Néocean, the new electric catamaran

The Néocean principleNeocean, offers you the creation of the Overboat. A French start-up that built the Overboat in France to optimize…

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catamaran électrique sur foil Overboat

The overboat, the experience that will make you fly

Néocean, creator of the overboatNéocean, creator of the Overboat, a revolutionary catamaran that combines reliability, quality and ease…

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Surfeur dans l'eau qui utilise des produits de la marque EQ Love, une marque respectueuse de l'environnement

EQ, an eco-friendly brand

Need sunscreen? A stick? Or a face cream? All athletes, those who practice surfing or other water sports, seek these everyday products to…

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green water activities

Green water activities

How can we best combine human activity with the preservation of nature?This is the question that many people ask themselves. For…

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Furious eco clothing designed for extreme sports

Interview with the founders of Furious the eco-responsible brand

Furious Products is an eco-designed clothing brand. Furious was created by a mother and her son, both passionate about extreme sports,…

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Syroco, Objective 150 kph under sail !

Syroco, beating the water speed record under sail is their first objective! Innovation for all in order to develop maritime transport in…

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Quadrofoil : when innovation get mixed up with environment

Water sports is a highly innovative market. But this one deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it gathered all innovative criteria but also…

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Alison’s Adventures | Maldives visit

Alison Teal is a female Indiana Jones, she was discovered during the show "Naked and Affraid" on Discovery Channel, filmed in the……

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Recycle your skateboards

Like any respectable rider, skateboards are piling up in our house.... in the garage, the bedroom and even the car... So we decided to give…

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