Eco-friendly surfing

As you know, surfboards are made of polluting and dangerous materials for the planet. A 3 kg board generates about 6 kg of 100% non-recycled waste. This is why some brands wanted to offer you products that respect the planet in order to be able to practice your passion in a healthy way. Among them:

  • Kun_tiqi : offers surfboards made of balsa wood, a renewable material, handmade. Based on approved, innovative technologies, their boards are remarkably durable and flexible.


  • Notox : it is 100% boards made in France, the best of Californian ecoboard and shape.


  • Nomads Surfing : French people have created a surf brand committed to protecting the environment. Based on 100% recyclable EPS foam and Eco Resine, the boards are manufactured in Europe.


  • The Americans of Solid Surf : boards made with Basalt (a rapidly renewable volcanic mineral), BIO-LINK (a plant-based resin), a hemp reinforcement fibre and recyclable EPS foam.


  • Gaia Creators : the French offer a wide and complete range of customizable Surfs, 100% unique and eco-responsible.

Gaia Creators ::: The CountDown ::: from Gaia-Creators on Vimeo.

  • EcoSurfShop: the site where you can find all the eco-responsible accessories and boards.

On the way to practice our passion by respecting nature without which we could not do what we love.

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Eco-friendly surfing