The evolution of water games: WIBIT aquaparks

An exclusive interview with Jacques Casanova, co-founder of CDLD, a company specializing in equipment for leisure bases and distributor of…

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Searider Aqua Bike: The aquatic revolution

SEARIDER AQUA BIKE - A revolution in aquatic adventures with electric innovationSearider Aqua Bike introduces a revolutionary concept in…

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stand up paddle électrique e-motion de coasto

E-motion: The new electric stand up paddle

The electric inflatable stand up paddle, a Coasto innovationCoasto is an innovative company specializing in water sports and water…

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Neocean la nouvelle annexe pour les plongeurs

Néocean, the new electric catamaran

The Néocean principleNeocean, offers you the creation of the Overboat. A French start-up that built the Overboat in France to optimize…

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MADEA CONCEPT : simulateur de surf base de loisirs de buthiers

WaveMotion, the MADEA CONCEPT surf simulator

Offer a unique gliding experience to your customers with the MADEA CONCEPT surf simulator. A simulator that anyone can buy: the leisure…

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Pool-on: swimming differently

Pool-On is a company created by enthusiasts people . Their goal ? Make swimming ever more attractive and entertaining with a removable…

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odi.O waterproof headset

odi.O, the nautical world-changing waterproof headset

Today we’re going to meet with Arnaud Saurois and Anthony Petron from ana.B solutions. We’re interviewing them on their latest project: a…

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How Efoils Work and Top Electric Hydrofoils for 2021 season

There’s even a good chance that, if you’ve been to the beach, you’ve seen someone in the water with these. They are…

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water riders

Water Riders, the reference in water riding

Water riders is a new water sport to go beyond the roads and paths… and enjoy the joys of sliding even in calm weather! Whether on…

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E foil : a person who is on the beach, practicing e foil

E-foil, the technology who will re-invented surfing

1- What is a surf foil?The surf foil appeared in the 2000s. Among the precursors we find big names like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and…

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planes boat

Top 10 boat planes and underwater jet ski

Hello spotylectors!We meet for our first top 10! Following the enthusiasm that there was on our article: Quadrofoil : when innovation…

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