SEARIDER AQUA BIKE – A revolution in aquatic adventures with electric innovation

Searider Aqua Bike introduces a revolutionary concept in the field of electric jet skis, presenting itself as a motorcycle for lovers of aquatic activities: a real Aqua Bike .

This Aqua Bike is an electric innovation which was unveiled at the Boot fair in Düsseldorf. Set to hit the market insummer 2024, this aquatic revolution offers two distinct model variants that captivated the attention of fair attendees.

For those eager to find out for themselves, Searider Aqua Bike is organizing trials near the factory in Greece starting in April! Stay tuned for updates as we explore this exciting opportunity.

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Searider Aqua Bike on the trail of Esurf?

Coming from the same team behind theESURFjetboard, the Monaco-based Searider team is building on the success of their previous venture.

Interesting, Searider Aqua Bike shares similarities with the ESURF using the same batteries, two to be precise. Beyond that, the Aqua Bike incorporates various cutting-edge ESURF jetboard technologies.

Returning to the Searider itself, a notable concern is the mounting of the Aqua Bike as it tends to tip over when stationary, just like a motorcycle. However, Searider Aqua Bike remedies this with a clever solution: the Aqua Bike descends to seat level in the water, ensuring a low center of gravity which prevents tipping.

Riders can expect an exhilarating experience by sitting on the Aqua Bike, which lifts them out of the water when accelerating, similar to a ski start nautical.

The anticipation for the first test is already palpable!

It should be noted that the manufacturer prefers not to label the Aqua Bike as an electric jet ski and simply opts for Searider.

Technical specifications and prices of the Searider

Searider Aqua Bike models offer up to 45 horsepower (33 kW) and are equipped with two thrusters, each powered by its own replaceable battery.

These batteries, identical to those in the ESURF, are conveniently located under the seat with charging facilitated by two power units connected to any standard electrical outlet.

For the Searacer model, the total weight including batteries is 65 kg. Without the 15kg batteries, the Aqua Bike weighs just 35kg, designed for easy transport in an SUV with the rear seat folded, eliminating the need for a trailer.

The maximum speed reaches up to 77 km/h and offers a autonomy of up to 90 minutes.

The Aqua Bike is designed for a single rider with a price ranging from €22,800 to €27,950 (excluding taxes and shipping costs).

Searider Aqua Bike models


A sportier Aqua Bike resembling a racing motorcycle:

  • 45 horsepower
  • Up to 77 km/h
  • 50 minutes of battery life

Available in white, silver and blue.


Sporting a retro design reminiscent of an old Vespa scooter:

  • 30 horses
  • Up to 55 km/h
  • 90 minutes of battery life

Available in red, cream and light blue.


This third model, the Seacross, is inspired by off-road motorcycles.

Details are limited at the moment but this latest model appears to offer a higher profile.

According to all available information, whether we classify the Searacer as an electric jet ski or not, it stands out above all for its attractive design.

Although personal preferences may differ, with its retro charm, the Seacruiser adds variety to the lineup.

The real test of the Aqua Bike’s fun factor awaits future riders during the test rides. Despite the relatively high price tag, the promise of unparalleled aquatic adventure makes the Searider particularly exciting.

Stay tuned for future Searider testing!