Searider Aqua Bike: The aquatic revolution

SEARIDER AQUA BIKE - A revolution in aquatic adventures with electric innovationSearider Aqua Bike introduces a revolutionary concept in…

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2024 Miami Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show: Dive into the nautical event of the year   The 2024 edition of the Miami Boat Show is about to begin,…

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mondial du vent, participant à la compétition de wing foil 2023

The 2023 “Mondial” Of Wind

Are you a water sports enthusiast? Do you like kitefoil, windsurf and wingfoil? Come and discover the Mondial du vent. This event will…

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Wakeboarding in the heart of the french capital | Paris

ParisParis, the city of lights and love, is famous for its rich history, iconic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. But did you…

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The surfing events of the 2024 Olympics will take place in Tahiti!

The 2024 Olympic Games are coming up! In order to prepare for this event, the Spotyteam has come up with an article on the surfing events…

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World Wakeboard Championships

2021 IWWF World Wakeboard Championships

The 2021 IWWF Wakeboard World championships will be held in Italy next July The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation’s (IWWF)…

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parasports water ski champion

Meet Delphine, parasports water skiing champion

In this interview, meet Delphine, a top athlete in water skiing. This incredible woman is 15 times World Record women champion in title…

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Handi Surf

Handi Surf, surfing accessible to all!

Spotyride presents today Handisurf, the association of the Basque Coast. The association aims to make everyone, regardless of their…

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wakeskate weekends

Léo Labadens interview – wakeskate player

Hi Léo! Can you tell us a little bit more about you?My name is Léo Labadens, I am 32 years old and I come from Toulouse. Since I was 11…

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send it

SEND IT: a comedy about kitersurfing

When Hollywood is involved  in Kitesurfing it gives, SEND IT!This new comedy focused on Extreme sports and in particular Kitesurfing…

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virtual nautic

Virtual Nautic, first nautic show on the second world

Virtual Nautic: a unique immersive experience (like the Second World)On the way to the first boat show of the year in EUROPE , The…

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boat show spotyride

International Boat Show

The year 2019 is rich in events! Here are a few that might interest you. Events that are popular all over the world, the Boat Show. Here…

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