stand up paddle électrique e-motion de coasto

E-motion: The new electric stand up paddle

The electric inflatable stand up paddle, a Coasto innovationCoasto is an innovative company specializing in water sports and water…

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un paddle, un kayak et un skateboard. Des produits de la marque Coasto

Surf the waves and hit the asphalt with Coasto

Who is Coasto?Coasto is a brand specializing in outdoor leisure. A company in constant evolution and improving the comfort of riders day…

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Before Riding : le site pour s'équipper dans les sports nautiques

Before Riding: The essential brand for water sports

Need to prepare for your next session? Water sports are a passion that attracts many adventure and thrill seekers. Whether you are a fan of…

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Surfeur dans l'eau qui utilise des produits de la marque EQ Love, une marque respectueuse de l'environnement

EQ, an eco-friendly brand

Need sunscreen? A stick? Or a face cream? All athletes, those who practice surfing or other water sports, seek these everyday products to…

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Pool-on: swimming differently

Pool-On is a company created by enthusiasts people . Their goal ? Make swimming ever more attractive and entertaining with a removable…

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odi.O waterproof headset

odi.O, the nautical world-changing waterproof headset

Today we’re going to meet with Arnaud Saurois and Anthony Petron from ana.B solutions. We’re interviewing them on their latest project: a…

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Wildsuits, a new sense of ecology in wetsuits

Wildsuits presentationWildsuits is a young and active French brand, created in 2016. The company’s history is original to say the least.…

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Jeewin, the French brand dedicated to extreme sports

Jeewin, a really eco-friendly brand!Founded in 2007, the “JEEWIN technical Sportscare” brand is the first French…

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planche de surf

How to choose your first surfboard?

Summer arrives, the beaches reopen, the desire for adventure and new sensations becomes strong. The ocean seems to be the ideal playground,…

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Choosing your first surf wetsuit

In the article ““choosing your first surfboard”, you found the board that will accompany you during your training sessions.However,…

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How to choose your first wakeboard board?

The Wakeboard takes an important place in the identity and origin of Spotyride. Rich in thrills, practicable at sea, in lakes, ponds… In…

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