Exocetgame, go electric-powered karting on water and go from dream to reality!

The “Karting” revolution with GO-KART, eco-responsible leisure!

Discover nautical karting, giving an absolutely new dimension to this activity by bringing it on the water.

Take a seat aboard Exocetgame‘s electric foil “Nautical kart”, and drive around a circuit and try to arrive before your competitors.

Find the best trajectory to improve your time every lap.

On your marks, ready? Go


EXOCETGAME: an innovation accessible for all !


With EXOCETGAME we sail dry.
Our tracks are specially designed to provide sensations and safety in order to guarantee you an unprecedented experience!

From 14 to 99 years old and without a boating license, take the chance to pilot one of our models!

EXOCETGAME, first base on the Gruissan lake at Marina Ozone

Ayguades Gruissan nautical leisure activities park


The Ayguades lake is equipped with a 5-pylon ski lift for kneeboarding, water skiing and wakeboarding, a Wibit floating water park and for 2022 of a GO KART

A “phygital” environment

Whether it is to ensure an optimal gaming experience as well as the safety of all users or even to record race or flight parameters, boatsEXOCETGAME</strong > are connected in a digital environment that includes all the features necessary for the smooth running of the game and security.

A single track on the water using floating buoys completes the device and allows in the blink of an eye to materialize the circuit where the duels will take place with 2, 4 or 8 machines at the same time.

Linking the Digital part to the Physical part in a security concern was for Exocetgame one of the keys to the success of the project.


An innovative online booking integration with “Spotyride”

Spotyride has developed a digital solution around a web platform and an application, allowing to digitize sports structures and water sports to make them accessible to as many people as possible 24/7.
Exocetgame will use the Spotyride online solution to allow all future practitioners to book their Karting on the water from home comfortably seated on their sofa, guaranteeing instant availability.
Facilitate access to all levels by allowing a reservation of their activities online 24/7, this is the leitmotif that the company EXOCETGAME is looking for by partnering with the SPOTYRIDE digital solution.

Map-Smartphone-1 spotymag

Philippe Faucon CEO of Exocet game
Spotyride will allow us to geolocate all of our rental bases in France initially and then on the entire planet allowing to all people equipped with a “Smartphone to be able to have access to all availability on all “GO KART Exocetgame” bases and to be able to book their slots online in a few clicks 24/7 , if that’s not pure happiness!

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Making the inaccessible accessible

Sailing on water is often considered out of reach due to excessive costs or constraints.
EXOCET GAME will make people forget this received idea!
Closer, easier, less physical, cheaper, without a permit and without changing,
EXOCET GAME activities transform nautical leisure activities to make them truly accessible.

A people-oriented company

Through our activities, as within the company, we put people back at the center of priorities.
Driven by a new vision of work,
we strive to design products designed around the user experience.
Giving more of our fellow human beings the opportunity to have a good time on the water is what motivates us.

Environmental sensitivity

At ExocetGame we believe that having fun on the water should not come at the expense of our environment.
So whenever possible we make technical choices,
strategic or commercial that reduce our impact.
Of course we are not perfect, but we are very motivated to improve!