We had the chance to interview Solange Cottin, a canyoning practitioner who created her own brand of neoprene canyoning suit. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will find the canyoning suit you need.

Canyoning is the perfect outdoor sport, which consists of walking down canyons and swimming through streams. If you want to know more about this sport and its federation: International Federation of Canyoning.

The materials are carefully selected and tested in laboratories according to ISO standards, to ensure quality and meet the requirements of each.

To learn more about Solange

Interview of Solange Cottin, founder of Guara

With this article you will learn more about Solang and her brand Guara. The French brand that makes canyoning suit.

Can you introduce yourself quickly?

My name is Solange Cottin. In love since my earliest childhood of mountain and adventure, after studies and a career of 15 years in textile, I have been managing since 2017 Guara, a company specialized in canyoning suits and whitewater sports.

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As the creator of Guara, can you tell us more about your concept?

I created Guara because it was missing in the outdoor sports market, a comfortable, easy to put on and solid suit. I took up the challenge, and today we offer a range of products that meet these challenges. We work closely with professional and private canyoners to offer them products that meet their needs.

For discover in more details the brand and its products : Guara

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What are the differences with the other suits on the market?

The cut of the suit is very important to make it comfortable and avoid areas of tension that would weaken it. The knee and elbow reinforcements are made of a specific material based on kevlar and polyurethane. The particularity of this fabric is to be very resistant to abrasion while keeping flexibility. Every detail of the combination is thought to make it optimum.

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Credit photo: Guara

Can you tell us more about the quality of the neoprene, the guarantee of the combinations, the price…?

We use a quality neoprene that remains flexible and dense. The liners are also very important to keep the product flexible. Suits are of course guaranteed in case of defect or abnormal wear, we always remain attentive to our customers. 

Our prices remain within a reasonable range, it is necessary to count 245€ TTC for a jacket + long-john set in 5.5mm. Professionals are of course entitled to specific rates to equip their spot.

Our readers always ask what is the right price for a neoprene suit?

First of all, they must equip themselves with specialists in the field who understand the problems of the activity. It is also very important to be comfortable in your suit to avoid getting tired quickly during your outing. I think that for less than 300€ it is possible to find its ideal combination, unless we want it tailor-made.

As a woman entrepreneur, a little advice for women who would like to embark on this adventure?

There are more and more women entrepreneurs, but unfortunately that has not yet become part of people’s minds, especially in the field of sport. We must therefore know how to put ourselves forward and from time to time put our equals aside. The main thing is the success of his project and to be proud of it. 

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Credit photo: Guara

Guara is the result of a common creation thought by you and your partner. How did you come up with the idea?

My husband is a canyon guide and complained that he did not have a canyoning suit to suit his needs. For my part, after 15 years in ready-to-wear, I wanted to turn my career to technical outdoor sports. So he asked me to create an ideal combination and Guara was born!

Tell us a little about your discipline, when and where was your passion for canyoning born?

The passion for outdoor sports was born very early thanks to my many holidays with my aunt in the Vercors. My dream was to live in the mountains. I met my husband there who introduced me to canyoning. 

What is your best memory in canyoning session?

The “RIC” (International Canyoning Gathering) in 2018 in Ticino Switzerland. Meeting people of all nationalities to canyon was very rewarding. Even though most of the canyons are beautiful, one of them touched me particularly by its warm colors: Giumaglio. Loving verticality, I could only have fun in these canyons! 

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Credit photo: Guara

As a woman, what message would you like to say to young girls who would like to begin canyoning?

Canyoning is not only a thrill sport, it is also a technical and contemplative sport. You have to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, whether it’s in the approach walk or in the canyon. There are canyons for all tastes: more or less vertical, more or less water or more or less jumps … More and more women are practicing the activity and Guara is working on a specific model for you ladies!

You create neoprene suits, some tips to give to our users for their maintenance?

Rinse it after each use with clear water and dry it in a ventilated space and in the shade on a wide hanger. From time to time, clean it with a specific bactericide and fungicide product. In winter, if possible, store it flat. 

Finally, what does canyoning bring to your everyday life?

Great encounters! It’s a sport of enthusiasts.

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Credit photo: Guara

The interview ends on this word. Once again, we thank Solange for the time she has given us.
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