Jeewin, a really eco-friendly brand!

Founded in 2007, the “JEEWIN technical Sportscare” brand is the first French eco-friendly cosmetics brand entirely dedicated to extreme sports. In the water, in the air, on land or in the city, Jeewin products adapt to you!

They accompany you before, during and after your sports activities with products adapted to your needs. Recognised by top athletes throughout the world and in all sports, optimise your performance like them by consuming quality products.

Prepare your body before the effort, protect it during your activity and comfort it by taking the time to make a physical recovery. Your body, your muscles and your skin will thank you! Less injuries, more comfort and prevention, all in an ecological way, minimising the environmental impact by complying with current regulations.

Jeewin’s desire?

“To satisfy your requirements as a sportsman or woman while respecting man and the planet by offering you a perfect balance between efficiency, ecology and safety“.

In short, Jeewin is:

  • Preserving the world around us
  • Push ourselves to go beyond our limits by respecting our values
  • Protecting our loved ones and contributing to the future
  • Living in harmony with nature
  • Guarantee French know-how and ethics

The must-have products to ride with peace of mind

Jeewin sun products

Jeewin offers a range of products specially adapted to water and mountain sports with a high resistance while being respectful of the ocean and man.

jeewin sun products

Jeewin care for sportsmen and women

With the action range, benefit from optimal preparation with effective care products rich in essential oils, to be adopted for your physical preparation and recovery before and after exercise.

Care for sportsmen and women

Opt for the massage range, for optimal relaxation of body and mind. Relaxation guaranteed with blends of vegetable oils highly concentrated in essential oils!

massage range

Hydrating products

Our skin is fragile, it is important to moisturise it daily. With its moisturising range, Jeewin offers cosmetic products rich in active plant ingredients to pamper you from head to toe.

jeewin hydrating products

Jeewin cosmetic products are eco-designed at every stage of their creation until they reach the market. All the products have eco-friendly quality formulas! With a “responsible, supportive and committed” approach, Jeewin offers you a truly eco-responsible range with its own specifications.

“We must preserve human health, but not at the expense of our planet, and vice versa. It’s all a question of balance where everyone has a role to play through their actions.”

But where to buy these Jeewin products?

Spotyride has developed an e-shop for professionals and water sports enthusiasts.
You will find a variety of brands and products to equip you for your next ride (wake, surf, paddle, foil …)

With similar values to those of the Jeewin brand, it is with pride that we count them among our marketplace. You can order your products online and collect them directly from us.

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