MUB, the hyper-functional backpack for traveling in peace

MUB reinvents your daily life with its practical and clever bag models for travel, work and sport. 3 possibilities combined in 1 single bag, that’s what they want to offer you thanks to compartments adapted to store your personal and professional belongings. Every trip starts with a MUB bag.

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MUB: Biarritz Deluxe Traveler REGULAR – Jet Black



  • Brand: Biarritz deluxe
  • Size: 14L, 25L, 29L
  • Compartments: 8:


  • Lightweight, sleek and compact
  • Airport Standardize Product Package
  • Shoe bag
  • Suitcase compartment
  • Check list included

Your Mub in detail

The Biarritz Deluxe, flagship product of their latest collection


Access everything you need with ease

Luggage that allows you to quickly access everything you need: thanks to its numerous storage compartments, everything can find its place. It has pockets integrated into the shoulder straps, quick access to the toiletry bag, a passage for the computer cable, small spaces to store business cards and slips… and a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. A 3MTM reflective fabric has been integrated on the front and on the straps to be visible at night.


Your belongings are protected thanks to strong and durable materials

All our products are made with resistant fabrics, to guarantee you long-term use. In order to best protect your belongings, the outer envelope has been made of quality 600D polyester. Durable mesh nets on the sides and YKK zippers. Finally, the water-repellent fabric provides protection in case of rain.

Compartmentalized spaces where everything has its place

A bag able to offer numerous storage and organization capacities with 5 compartmentalized spaces for professional media, personal or sports belongings, computer or tablet, travel documents and a storage compartment for coins change, keys, phone, glasses, helmet…

Mub BIARRITZ_spotymagI_10

Do not forget anything with our checklist

A checklist is included in each of the MUB bags to ensure that you have not forgotten anything during your travels or short stays.

Learn more on the brand’s website MUB

Origin of the brand

For 30 years, we have traveled the world, for business and for leisure. We know the importance of being equipped with suitable luggage, capable of carrying part of your office and your dressing room, everywhere, all the time, in complete safety. We couldn’t find products that fully met our expectations. So we developed a first bag, with the evocative name of “ONLY ONE”, which met with immediate success with a clientele of active and sporty nomads, looking for a unique bag to travel light and smart. Our first bag even received the Red dot Award in 2014 in the Design category. Convinced by the potential of such products, encouraged by its first users and driven by the desire to make our customers’ daily lives even easier, our team then decided to develop a wider range around this first iconic product, and adopted a new name: MUB (meaning My Utility Bag). MUB is today a range of innovative, functional and elegant bags and mobility accessories allowing you to travel over several days or to move around on a daily basis, taking with you something to work and stay active, everywhere, in all circumstances.


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