The electric inflatable stand up paddle, a Coasto innovation

Coasto is an innovative company specializing in water sports and water leisure equipment that is behind the creation of the electric inflatable stand-up paddle board called E-motion. This new inflatable paddle offers you a new dimension of high-performance and easy-to-use sliding. A new way of sailing for new sensations to discover! Do not hesitate any longer and come and test this unique innovation.

Coasto, marque de Poolstar

Electric comfort

An innovation compared to traditional SUPs thanks to its integrated electrical system and its powerful and silent electric motor. The E-Motion allows you to push the limits of your performance. Thanks to its electric motor, you can reach higher speeds and travel longer distances without getting tired, giving you unparalleled freedom of movement. Beginner or looking for new sensations, the E-motion will meet your expectations. An inflatable but resistant paddle! If the word inflatable makes you hesitate, well no! The inflatable system of the board offers stability and very high resistance to shocks and impacts. Extremely easy to transport and store, the E-motion is designed like a regular inflatable SUP. It deflates quickly and can be stored in a compact bag, allowing you to carry it in your car, plane or even on your bike.

Why go electric inflatable stand up paddle?

Still hesitant? We show you the positive points of this nautical activity.

  • An effortless gliding experience: The electric stand up paddle allows you to enjoy the water while gliding effortlessly. Thanks to the electric drive, you can cover long distances and reach higher speeds while saving energy. It’s a unique way to discover new horizons and experience a feeling of absolute freedom.
  • Accessibility for all levels: For beginners, it offers propulsive assistance that will allow you to gain confidence and become familiar with the practice of SUP more quickly. For experienced enthusiasts, it adds a dimension of speed and performance, allowing you to push your limits and explore new challenges.
  • Practicality and ease of transport: One of the great advantages of the electric inflatable paddle board is its practicality. It deflates easily and can be stored in a compact bag, making it extremely easy to transport.
  • Exploring new playgrounds: Thanks to its versatility, the electric inflatable paddle allows you to explore places that are inaccessible with other boats. It’s an immersive experience that will allow you to reconnect with nature in a unique way.
  • Ecology and sustainability: By opting for an electric inflatable SUP, you are also making an ecological choice. By using electrical energy, you help reduce the impact on the environment by avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

E-motion balade en mer
Balade à deux avec E-motion
E-motion, paddle gonflable
E-motion en duo

A positive ecological impact

Along with its performance and practicality, Coasto has also been committed to environmental sustainability when designing the E-Motion. The materials used are sustainable and environmentally friendly, with particular attention paid to reducing the carbon footprint. The electric propulsion used on the paddle reduces greenhouse gas emissions and therefore helps to fight against climate change. Finally, the electric and inflatable SUP is a silent device that aims to reduce noise impacts on marine animals.

Where to go electric inflatable stand up paddle?

I find out where to SUP
E-motio, stand up paddle gonflable electrique
E-motion, transport facile
E-motion, stand up électrique


In conclusion, the electric inflatable stand up paddle offers a unique experience of sliding, freedom and exploration of new horizons. Whether you are looking for a relaxing activity in the middle of nature or an adrenaline rush with sensations of speed, the electric paddle will satisfy you. So don’t hesitate any longer and embark on this exciting aquatic adventure accessible to all!

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