Yamamoto neoprene and Saint Jacques Wetsuit for an exceptional partnership, beauty and green!

Yamamoto & Saint Jacques, for even greener wetsuits!

Yamamoto developed its first neoprene suits in Japan in 1961 for the Japan Defense Agency.

Made in Osaka, certified ISO13485, this natural organic neoprene is characterized by a uniform closed cell structure which gives it superior qualities to other neoprenes.



The objective is to be efficient in extreme cold conditions and to have a full suit that lasts.

To do this, they called on the best neoprene manufacturer in the world, which produces products based on neoprene BIO without petroleum.

Innovation at the service of comfort!


Yamamoto’s exclusive closed-cell manufacturing process results in a neoprene that is highly durable while remaining stretchy. Your wetsuit will not stretch and gain weight over time. Less pressure on the seams allows you to keep your suit longer.

Yamamoto neoprene -yamamoto-durable-spotyride

Light and Flexible

Yamomoto neoprene only absorbs 2% of its weight in water (98% waterproof compared to 70% for a neoprene constructed from petroleum) so it remains light. The elasticity is close to that of the skin, hence the feeling of comfort. Your wetsuit acts like a second skin, you keep an excellent range of motion.

Yamamoto neoprene -yamamoto-light-flexible-spotyride


Being cold is the best way to ruin sessions! The hydrophobic properties of Yamamoto neoprene keep you warm and you have more energy to put into your ride. The drying speed is excellent.

Yamamoto -neoprene-Hot-spotyride

Organic and Skin-Friendly

Yamamoto neoprene is known to cause fewer allergies than other classic neoprenes. Not being derived from oil but from limestone rock, it becomes more respectful of people and their skin.

Yamamoto materials are even approved for medical use by ISO 13485.


The choice of materials for a better combination

SaintJacques Clovis Yamamoto_spotyride


A wetsuit developed in France with attention to detail, versatility and made to last.
Clovis, the ultimate complete Gentlemen Watermen!

Color: dark blue for the body / dark forest on the shoulders

5/4 mm for water temperatures of 7 to 15°

4/3 mm for water temperatures of 13 to 20°


A wetsuit developed in France with attention to detail, versatility and made to last.
Stan Yamamoto, the elegant and technical integral!

3/2 mm for water temperatures of 15 to 23°

How to recycle neoprene! learn more at this link</p >