Surfing for dummies

“RDV au peak”, “J’ai foiré mon roller”, “J’adore l’outline de ta board”,…

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Want to learn how to Wingfoil? Discover everything there is to know about this technical and fun sport. We will give you some advice, as…

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Watersports activities to do in September

Summer is coming to an end, but you can still enjoy!The month of September is full of surprises and the weather is still favorable to…

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Rider going in the water

Bodyboarding : be one with the water

While bodyboarding is affiliated to the Surfing Federation, it is a completely different discipline. Spotyride offers you the opportunity…

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wing foiling

How do I start wing foiling?

The world of water sports has been revolutionized for the past 3 years by the arrival of a new discipline: wing foiling, also known as…

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Swimming for dummies

Swimming is a crucial skill to have. Although it may seem simple at first, it is not the case! There are different swim styles. Do you…

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family water activities

Water activities for the whole family to enjoy

Here is a non-exhaustive list of water sports to practice with the family, brought to you by the Spotyteam. Both adults and children are…

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Water sport: adopt kitesurfing

Kite surfing : thrilling water sport and pleasure guaranteed! How to define this water sport? Why adopt it? How to learn?What is…

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planche de surf

How to choose your first surfboard?

Summer arrives, the beaches reopen, the desire for adventure and new sensations becomes strong. The ocean seems to be the ideal playground,…

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Choosing your first surf wetsuit

In the article ““choosing your first surfboard”, you found the board that will accompany you during your training sessions.However,…

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Advices from a former wakeboard world champion

Hello spotylectors! Some time ago in the media, we read many comments on the wakeboarding fall of Marine Lorphelin. Reading this news, we…

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How to choose your first wakeboard board?

The Wakeboard takes an important place in the identity and origin of Spotyride. Rich in thrills, practicable at sea, in lakes, ponds… In…

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