Wildsuits presentation

Wildsuits is a young and active French brand, created in 2016. The company’s history is original to say the least. The two partners and co-founder, Antoine and Olivier, met on the beach in Portugal. We interviewed Olivier in order to know a little more about wildsuits.

After more than 2 years of research and development, the first Wildsuits suit is presented to the public. The company is growing and expanding at full speed and is now focusing on the development of a range of wetsuits exclusively designed, developed for women.


Values and ethic

“On the wave be wild, Ouf of the wave behave” is the slogan of Wildsuits. Surfing is our escape, a way to express ourselves freely and to give everything. It brings out a «wild» side in us. However, we remain responsible for many values, and it is important to be respectful once out of the water.

Respect is a key word at Wildsuits. Respect for the environment and the ocean that is our playground, respect for other practitioners, but also respect outside of sport and in business life. It is important to respect your employees, to create a friendly and collaborative working atmosphere, to be close to your suppliers and customers and to put the practitioner back at the heart of the product’s design.

And this point is very important at Wildsuits. A product of optimal quality at reasonable prices, the aim here is not to maximize the profit of the company, but to make the product as qualitative as possible for an accessible price. The product is therefore sporty, durable and comfortable.

Mutual help is an important value that the company promotes. I quote, “We want to maximize mutual helps in our work environment, because Wildsuits is here today because of the people who have helped us since day one. We would like to thank them for being present for us and for their valuable support.”



Wildsuits wetsuits are at the state-of-the-art  due to the choice of materials. The goal is to achieve a wetsuits that is as comfortable and durable as possible with a maximum of «eco-friendly» raw materials.

Your friend is your best friend through your sessions, so it is valuable for Wildsuits to accompany you over a long time, which at the same time contributes to the ecological aspect which avoids the regular purchase of combinations that are damaged in a few years. In addition, the research and development of combinations never stop, and the materials used are evolving  to always obtain a more sustainable wetsuit, more respectful to the environment and riders.



Wildsuits is therefore a committed and enterprising company. Several actions are carried out and our favorite surfers do not intend to stop there.
Awareness is a very important part. Regular visits are made to schools to introduce the company and to raise awareness among the new generations about ecological issues while showing them that they can do something about it.

In addition, if you want to change your old wetsuit, whatever its condition, Wildsuits takes it back for a discount of 15 euros on a new combination. Your old wetsuit can then be used in two different causes. The suits in good condition will be transmitted to “Surfeurs Solidaires” and shipped to countries and populations that do not have the living conditions and means to discover surfing. If the wetsuit is not in condition, the neoprene is reused into products by NeoCombine.

If you need additional information or advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page!