In this interview, meet Delphine, a top athlete in water skiing. This incredible woman is 15 times World Record women champion in title slalom and figures.

Water skiing belongs to the category of water sports and consists of being towed by a motor boat. In this sport, there are 4 disciplines that are: slalom, figures, jumping and combined. For more information on this sport, you can read the French federation page: French federation of water skiing and wakeboarding.

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The Spotyteam had the chance to meet Delphine and ask her various questions to get to know her better.

Can you introduce yourself quickly?

My name is Delphine LE SAUSSE, I am 45 years old (ouch, this is a bit…), for the professional side of my life, I am a Doctor in Pharmacy. For the personal side, I am the mother of a little Rose who will turn 5 at the end of the year. Besides that, I am also 15 times World Water Ski Para Champion, holder of the women’s world record in slalom and figures!

As a high-level athlete, what is your training pace?

From April to October I train on the water, 2 or 3 water skiing sessions per week and since this year I complete with yoga.
During the winter, I do physical preparation at the Gym Boxing Club (boxing, muscle building and padding), and I try to swim regularly.

You have been 15 times World Record Women Champion in water skiing. How do you get to that level in water skiing?

Work, work, and more work.

Tell us a bit about your discipline, when and where was your passion for water skiing born?

I started water skiing at the age of 17 in a Club Med in Greece, and coming from alpine skiing I loved the sensations of sliding. Then I did a lot of wakeboarding until my alpine skiing accident in January 2004. After my accident I naturally resumed the practice of my sports passions (alpine and water skiing) but with adapted equipment.

Picture credit: Facebook – Delphine Le Sausse

What is your best memory in water skiing session?

In 2009, in Vichy, final of the World Water Ski Championships, I am the last to pass and after a pass I know that I am World Champion. At this moment, I am alone on the water and for the first time in my life I cry with joy.

As a woman, what message would you like to say to young girls who would like to begin this water sports?

Come on, get in there!

It’s first of all a very complete nautical sport because it makes the whole body work (except in my case where it’s the top of the body) and the gliding sensations are great!

What is your best memory as a rider?

It was in 2017, the World Championships in Australia where I had at heart to recover the titles I had conceded because of my pregnancy… I won the titles in slalom, figures, overall and overall tournament (all categories of handicap) and I shared this immense joy with my companion and my daughter who were by my side.

In your opinion, what are the qualities required to become an accomplished athlete?

Take a lot of pleasure in training!

Delphine Le Sausse

What are your next major sporting events?

The French Championships will be called Challenge para ski nautique on 8.08.2020 because I will be the only participant in my category, at Arc sur Tille at the same time as the Open skiers. Next year, in 2021, the European Championships in a place that is not yet defined, and March 2022 the World Championships, near Melbourne, Australia.

Finally, what does waterskiing bring to your everyday life?

I have a very time-consuming and stressful job and practicing this sport allows me to better manage my stress on a daily basis, it also allows me to stay “in shape” which is all the more important because of my handicap, and especially a feeling of freedom when I glide on the water that allows me to forget the constraints of life in a wheelchair.

The interview with Delphine ends here. The Spotyteam once again thanks Delphine for answering our questions. She is an example of strength, of iron will and we wanted to share with you this beautiful meeting. It shows all of us that we must never give up and always move forward, no matter what the obstacles are. Thanks to her for this life lesson and example of courage!