Syroco, beating the water speed record under sail is their first objective!

Innovation for all in order to develop maritime transport in the future, moving from dream to reality, this is the mission that Alex Caizergues and his team are preparing to take up!

SYROCO: Alex Caizergues, twice world sailing speed record holder, has launched a new challenge with Syroco

1) Beat the world water speed record under sail

2) Help with the energy transition, with this new project which will change maritime transport, which has not changed for the past 50 years, in order to make it neutral for the environment.

Much more than a sports record, a global challenge for a very real subject to save the planet


Syroco: The story of a breakthrough innovation

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SYROCO first goal is : beating the sailing speed record on the water!

The record will be the team’s primary source of inspiration for the unique development of this capsule in order to test all the hypotheses in real life.

Being able to smash the record on the water will be the end result so that this innovation can highlight the beginnings of our new modes of future navigation on our oceans.

Everything is to be created” as Alex Cazergues says,there is a field of possibilities to be developed in order to make shipping carbon neutral and we were working on it.

Using all the new technologies developed around the foil and Kite wings have allowed us to imagine the unimaginable in order to make the force of the water and the wind work in total harmony to allow us to imagine this two-seater capsule floating between sky and sea

Syroco Forward and Beyond

SYROCO, A whole team dedicated of innovation, based in Marseille

It is not just a top athlete, engineers, experienced computer scientists but indeed a team of enthusiasts who have embarked on this unique adventure in the world around this innovation. of rupture that is good for our planet…



Alex Cazeirgues and the whole Syroco team (credit DR)

Syroco EfficientShip

Optimization of the energy efficiency and ecological impact of ships, thanks to a decision-making platform based on a Digital Twin of the ship and its propulsion systems.

The Syroco EfficientShip software platform uses the scientific foundation developed around the research work on the speed and the exploitation of the power of the wind.


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Forward & Beyond

Syroco is a scientific and technical laboratory that generates innovation through the achievement of pioneering feats. The solutions and applications developed by Syroco enable players in the transport and energy sectors to meet the economic and environmental challenges they face.

A company with a Pioneering spirit, committed and sustainable, around a collective intelligence under the sign of excellence

The pioneering spirit and the thirst for discovery are at the heart of Syroco’s DNA, whether through sport, design, engineering or entrepreneurship.

Syroco teams work with a human and environmental conscience, committing to creating value for humanity and for businesses.

Collective intelligence is one of the foundations of humanity. Any individual performance is amplified within a team.

Achieving extreme ambition requires excellence in commitment and execution. Risk-taking is intrinsic to Syroco’s exploits and raises the stakes.