Like any respectable rider, skateboards are piling up in our house…. in the garage, the bedroom and even the car…

So we decided to give you some tips on how to do something with these boards that you’ll be proud of, hoping you’ll be a little handy.

1 – Shelves

Easy and quick to make shelves from skateboard. Hang them on the wall or put them directly on the floor, enough to have your own decoration !

2 – A support for toilet paper

This one is also one of the easiest to make because all you need is a truck to fix on the wall and a piece of rope.

3 – A coat rack


Always easy to make, take a skate that you cut in half and you will have two custom coat racks!

4 – A support for your pet’s food

Two holes in the board and you have a great support for your pet’s food who will share with you your passion!

5 – A swing


It’s your children, nephews or nieces who will be happy! Make them a swing from a skateboard.

6 – Stair treads


You’re redoing your house and you’re an unconditional skateboard fan? This stairs is all you needed for your little piece of paradise !

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