Water sports is a highly innovative market. But this one deserves a standing ovation. Indeed, it gathered all innovative criteria but also eco-friendly.

A beautiful proof that a responsable behavior towards the environnement is on the way. Environnement that has allowed the water sports market to flourish, to democratize and to provide unique feeling to all riders.

But what is this strange spider ?

No, we are not in the Star Wars saga. This device is a cross between a jet ski and an electric boat.

Designed by Quadrofoil a Slovenian company, it allows to fly above water thanks to a Hydrofoil system (C-Foil technology). Foils are small hydrodynamic devices whose function is to lift the hull out of the water. Is this the new Watercraft? It could be (Read on #SpotyMag our article on the 10 reasons to try Foil).

The Quadrofoil has the ability to move silently, not to produce waves and not to produce gaz emissions. In addition, the cockpit has been equipped with a dashboard with battery level and consumption. The Quadrofoil can be recharged in less than two hours, enough to revolutionize water transports, don’t you think ?

Q2S and Q2A and Q2S Limited Edition: 3 models, 3 ergonomics

There are currently three Quadrofoil models available : Q2S and Q2A and Q2S Limited Edition. Their electric motors from 3.2 to 5.5 kW/h allow to sail 21 knots (40 km/h) per 100 km of range.

With its unsinkable system, its patented steering system and its tailored electric propulsion system, the Quadrofoil is the boat of the future !


Quadrofoil-model-Q2S limited





You can order for a cost ranging from  € 15 000  to € 22 500 for the most powerful models (take into account maintenance costs due to electrical nature).

So are there any volunteers to try the Quadrofoil ? You can already find spots and many water sports on Spotyride and maybe soon the Quadrofoil… Who knows ?

Quadrofoil : when innovation get mixed up with environment