The world of water sports has been revolutionized for the past 3 years by the arrival of a new discipline: wing foiling, also known as windsurfing. This discipline is already well established across all spots, and has been widely democratized to the point where it has become extremely popular in 2022! Many now wish to try it out. Brands have picked up on this and are focusing on catering to this new market.

Wing foiling’s main assets is its simplicity and accessibility. No previous experience in water sports is required, although it helps at first. And the sensations will come very quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that this sport is also defined by its practicality, which sets it apart from other water sports. Launching yourself is very easy as wing foiling can be practiced in smaller spaces, unlike kitesurfing for instance which requires 20m lines. Which means that wing foiling can be practiced in spots that are inaccessible for other water sports.

And for the daring folks with previous experience in water sports, you’ll get comfortable on the foil in less than 2 days with our advice. So wait no longer!

wing foiling

At first, buoyancy is your friend!

First of all, you will need to find a good board! Choosing the right board is crucial for a smooth launching. For that, you must find a large board with a bigger volume than your weight. For instance, an 80kg person should ideally start with a 100L board. That allows the rider to float better, and even start off on the knees so as to pick up speed. Once the rider has improved, they’ll be able to have a typical waterstart with no difficulty.

Catch the wind with your wing!

Your wing is much easier to carry around than a kitesurfing kite, with its bag being twice as small! As for the size of the wing, the standard surface is 4m². However, you’ll also be able to find wings ranging from 3m² to 6m². Choosing a specific wing size depends on the wind’s strength and your weight. Starting with larger sizes is preferable as they offer more lift and stability. During the wing surfing session, your leash is tied to your wrist, and the front of the wing.

Taking off with your foil!

At first, the wing’s surface has to be rather big, between 1200 cm² and 1800 cm². This will enable you to take off while remaining balanced. The mast’s length is pretty unimportant, but it is recommended to stay within the standards, especially for beginners. It’s also important to remember that the lighter the foil is, the more likely it is to break… Although a lighter foil will help you jump higher later on! 😉

wing foil

To begin wing foiling, a flat spot and 20 knots are the best!

Beginners should avoid overly agitated bodies of water. It’s beyond frustrating to fall because of the conditions! As for the wind, about 20 knots is preferable as it will be easier to launch and will prevent you from having to push on your arms and legs. As for the experienced riders, it is possible to practice wing foiling with less wind if you’re already comfortable on the foil. As for gusts of wind, they are nothing to worry about! Releasing your back hand and staying close to the water will reduce the wind load.

The secret to a successful training sessions: focus on where you place your weight!

Forget about your standard support points from kitesurfing! Wing foiling is somewhat similar to kitesurfing, but with more weight placed on the board. The trick is to maintain all the weight on the board. The wing’s only purpose is to make you pick up speed!

And there you have it: all the tips and tricks to start wing foiling! However, the best piece of advice we can give you is to begin and be supervised by a structure!

A unique concept as the launch is done from their CATANA 411 catamaran. Hervé and Ben are thrilled to welcome you aboard and train you in this water sport they are devoted to! Two students for one instructor, which makes for semi-private lessons. They will give you the best advice so that you can improve and start taking off! If you wish to find out more about them, you can read our article on their spot, Wind School Hyères.

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Booster Kite is a kitesurfing and wing foiling school located in Port Saint Louis du Rhône, 40 minutes away from Marseille. Their team offers initiations or in-depth training through training courses. One training course includes three 3-hour lessons. The first day serves as a discovery day for this sport. The second day includes the foil. And on the last day, the focus is on perfecting your skills.

Lessons include three students for one instructor.

Book your session here : lesson.

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To discover the sport of the moment: wing foiling, the French windsurfing champion Nicolas Akgazciyan teaches lessons! The school is located in Leucate La Franqui. The school offers individual lessons to discover or improve your skills. You may choose between three types of sessions: 1, 2 or 2 hours.

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