5 canoe and kayak destinations in the South of France

We invite you to discover the most beautiful places to practice canoeing. The southern regions of France are ideally located between the…

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canoeing and kayaking

Enjoy canoeing and kayaking during summer!

Canoe kayak: a fun activity to have a good summerSummer is just around the corner, and you still don’t know what to do? How can…

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Palavas kayak de mer

Arnaud Pitman’s interview – Palavas Kayak de Mer

Arnaud's interview, president of the association Palavas Kayak de MerSpotymag had the opportunity to interview Arnaud Pitman to present…

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Where to go canoeing in Ardèche? Top 5 best spots

Top 5 of the best canoe-kayak spots in the Ardèche. In a few figures, canoeing has 365,000 members, including 80,000 permanent annuals…

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Canoeing and kayaking origins

After kitesurfing, place to Canoe Kayak ! We comb through every details of their stories. Canoeing and kayaking are becoming very popular…

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A Canoe weekend on the French rivers

How about a canoe weekend? We have prepared a short list of 2-day trips to do on the French rivers, with the canoe spots online on…

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