Discover the French town of Gruissan and its marina through nautical activities. Gruissan is 15 minutes away from Narbonne, 50 minutes from Perpignan, and 1 hour from Montpellier. This town is filled with activities and nautical sports.

Gruissan is a lovely ocean getaway. Enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea while recharging your batteries. It is the perfect place to discover the ocean floor, stroll along the water, enjoy boat rides, try out new activities with your family, and get a glowing tan.

Come and experience the activities in Gruissan, be it during the holidays or the weekend!

Here are our 5 favorite activities in Gruissan that you can experience right away.

1- Sailing

In the nautical world, the term “wind” covers a plethora of different activities. Such as:

  • catamaran
  • optimist boat
  • trimaran
  • laser
  • sailboard
  • sailboat
  • funboard

Etc. Make the most of your ocean experience through nautical activities, and encounter these activities in Gruissan.

Windsurfing for everyone, beginners and experts alike!

Windsurfing for everyone, beginners and experts alike!
Located on the Mateille pond, the very best spot to learn and perfect your windsurfing skills! Different types of training courses are available: catamaran, optimist boat, and funboat. Plenty of ways for you to take your first steps in the nautical world!

As for toddlers, this spot offers a nautical garden. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the basics while being monitored by professionals in a secured space.

All of this, plus a breathtaking view of Gruissan.

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Go voile

Go Voile is both a cruising and sailing school.

Go and discover sailing techniques there! This school accommodates every profile, ranging from beginners to experts. In either case, different options are available:

  • private lessons
  • training courses
  • half-day or full day-long training courses
  • cruising courses with nights aboard
  • coaching
  • coaching on your own boat

For more information.

nautical activities in gruissan

2- Boat rental

The Gruissan port offers renowned boat rental shops. It’s actually one of the port’s most popular activities! Renting a boat is ideal to make the most of your trip and savor these moments by the sea, as you’re surrounded by nature. There are various advantages to renting a boat:

  1. Complete freedom to move around. Go wherever you like, whenever you like.
  2. Amazing opportunity to fish, read, dive, swim, tan, and more.
  3. Discover unusual places and break free from the crowd.
  4. Endless destination options to choose from!

The Nautil Boat spot offers boats to rent for your enjoyment.
However, boat rentals are only available from April to September.
Nautil Boat also offers the option to pass your boating license during the year. There are different types of licenses: coastal, fluvial, and CRR.

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nautil boat

Gruissan port à sec also offers boat rentals! 3 different boat options are available for rent:
– Beneto flyer 5.50
– Quicksilver 5.50 115cv
– Zodiaque 7.50 medline 200cv Suzuki
On the menu: sailing, tanning, swimming, and even fishing if you wish!

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gruissan port à sec

3- Kitesurfing

Another activity here in Gruissan is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is a board sport that consists of using a kite to get towed on water. The kite acts as a pulling force.

Kitesurfing is a great water sport with many advantages:
easy for beginners
possibility to fly
possibility to glide on the water
little-known sport
improvement comes fast

Usually, riders become autonomous after only 5 days of practice!

The Akila Center nautical base in Gruissan is a crossroad point for all board sports lovers! It is a privileged destination for kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran, SUP and kayaking fans.

All these sports are concentrated in one structure, allowing riders to initiate themselves to any of those. There are various options to sign up for:

  • classes
  • training courses
  • private coaching
  • rental
  • practicing the sports in autonomy, with supervision

Welcome to board sports lovers’ paradise! Find out more.


4- Scuba Diving

Another activity in Gruissan is scuba diving. If you’re tempted to try out something different and discover marine wildlife, this activity is made for you!

However, diving cannot be summed up as exploring. Scuba diving in Gruissan is first and foremost the opportunity to discover new destinations.

Scuba diving is not only a leisurely activity, it’s a sport, and an intense one at that. 45 minutes of scuba diving burns on average between 400 and 500 calories. Swimming with flippers allows you to build muscle in the thighs, abdominal and glutes.

So, how does discovering the ocean floor sound? Over 70% of the Earth is covered in water, and some places are little known.

To try out scuba diving in Gruissan, we recommend the Gruissan scuba diving center: Europlongée.

3 types of formulas are offered:
1- For beginners: scuba diving initiations
2- Training sessions
3- Exploring. Different types of exploration sessions are offered: shipwrecks, nocturnal, or centered around wildlife.
4- Perfect your diving skills.

Accessible for everyone ! Complementary services are also include:
– renting air tanks
– pumping air tanks
– underwater interventions
– retrieving lost objects

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activities in gruissan : scuba diving

5- Canoeing

Canoeing in Gruissan is an excellent way to spend time, especially if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing activity to enjoy. This activity can be enjoyed on your own, with friends, or family!

Sensations can range from intense in rapids, to mild if you only wish to enjoy the local landscapes. A fun activity to enjoy in Gruissan, far from the coastline.

Climb aboard for a fun time!

The Marina O Zone is the perfect spot to practice different activities in a single day!

Situated on a 22 ha body of water, the Marina O Zone offers canoeing. The canoes can hold up to 3 people at once.

Come and have fun on this gorgeous body of water.

Other activities offered include : a WIBIT aquapark, wakeboarding, water karting to race your friends, pedalos with slides, or even paddle boards that can hold up to 10 people!

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marina o zone

Loc Beach is a spot in Gruissan that offers various activities such as:
– Pedalos
– Paddleboarding
– Kayaking
– Water scooters

Loc Beach’s distinctive feature is its location: it is situated on the Grazel pond, a natural site well known for its fishing spots.

The Loc Beach team welcomes you in the afternoon to have an unforgettable time in the water!

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Loc Beach


A brand-new activity here in Gruissan: water karting! This unique activity can be practiced in Marina O Zone. Come and race your friends on the water. The idea is identical to regular karting, except it’s on water.

Come on over and try out the course! Who will cross the finish line first?

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person practicing water karting in Gruissan

Spotyride recommends two spots per activity. However, this list is not exhaustive, and other structures offer those same activities! To find out about every water activity in Gruissan, go to this website.

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For more information: go on Gruissan Méditerranée’s tourisme website.

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