The 2024 Olympic Games are coming up! In order to prepare for this event, the Spotyteam has come up with an article on the surfing events which will be taking place in Tahiti!

What you need to know about surfing

Surfing is an individual sport that consists of gliding on waves.

It is an integral part of traditional Hawaiian culture. Surfing has been popularized all across the world thanks to two-times 100m freestyle Olympic champion Duke Kahanamoku.

This board sport allows the rider to glide freely on the waves.

Surfing was founded within traditional Hawaiian culture. Duke Kahanamoku popularized it in 1924.

Surfing is generally practiced on surfing sites and spots, which offer different ranges of waves that are more or less large and suitable for surfing. Surf practitioners are called “surfers”.

Look up our article in which we decrypted surf slang in order to discover more , and become an expert when the Games take place in Paris!

The event dates have been officially revealed

Who will become the next Olympic champions of this discipline in 2024? Who will follow into the footsteps of Italo Ferreira and Clarisse Moore?

We’ll find out between July 27th and 30th 2024, in Tahiti! The city will host the surfing events on the mythical Teahupoo wave.

The 2024 Olympic Games event program

24 surfers will compete for 3 days for the 65 000€ gold medal. The Olympic events will start July 27st, with 3 rounds of 8 sets for both men and women. Quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals are to take place on July 30th at 7:00, and will be televised at 19:00 in France.

The contestants will have to perform manoeuvers and figures on a wave. They will be assessed by 5 judges, and their grades will depend on their sequences and the complexity of the figures. The surfers’ flow, speed, and power will also be included in the grading criteria in order to get a high score.

The board chosen by the 2024 Paris Olympic Games is the shortboard. Its reduced size makes it fast and easy to manoeuver, and favors spectacular figures.

Before ending this article, the Spotyteam wants to wish you all a good September. Enjoy your weekends, and to make the most of them, come and discover watersports spots around you with Spotyride.