Does your ideal summer exclusively consist of sun, mojitos and towed water activities? Why not spice it up a bit? Try out new water activities with unique accommodations!

Finding new quirky activities has never been easier. This article allows you to discover (or rediscover!) your spots and maximize your wakeboarding practice in the French region of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, a privileged tourist destination in the summer.

Wakeboarding in Fréjus, a source of originality

Wakeboarding in Fréjus and its surroundings is more present than you’d think! Many of our structures offer sessions of this incredible board sport. Do you prefer being towed by a boat or a cable? It’s up to you!

Craving adventure? Try measuring up to South Wake Park‘s water cable lift! Then try out the challenging “Prizoners” activity, an escape game in Puget-sur-Argens, for a thrilling and audacious weekend!

However, if logical thinking is not your forte, there are plenty of other opportunities to include out-of-the-ordinary fun to your wakeboarding trip!

In lakes or seas, Water Glisse Passion, Water Glisse La Nartelle or even Water Glisse Pampelonne offer the opportunity to combine wakeboarding towed by a boat, with other water activities!

Such as scuba diving by night in Fréjus! Enjoy an aperetif dinner after your exploration, and you might even be lucky enough see the summer fireworks from the sea! If you’re not a fan of the ocean floor, opt for flyboarding at sea, or transparent kayaking in the Agay bay instead.

Wakepark Full Size in Puget sur Argens

Unusual riding practices in the Alps

The Alps are not a typical summer destination. However they are breathtaking during both the winter, and the summer!

Mountain tourism can be matched with sport to allow you to innovate your wakeboarding practice.

If you love the panoramic view of towns and villages while skiing and snowboarding, you’ll love it just as much while waterskiing and wakeboarding! Ride with a beautiful mountain view.

Authentic Wake Park, in Rochebrune, can offer this unusual setting.

This spot’s surroundings offer unique activities, in terms of both accomodation and cultural activities. Visit a lavender distillery, enjoy a wakeboarding session at the Authentic Wake Park, then have a much deserved rest!

How does sleeping in an ancient oil mill in a preserved medieval village for the night sound? Chateau Rosan and Chateau Martinet welcome you for a change from your typical accomodations!

Spot Authentic Wake Park Rochebrune

Exo’s specialties

Ever heard of articial waves?

You’re probably asking yourself: what does that have to do with wakeboarding? Well, the Exo park chain has conceived with EDF a simulator that recreates an adjustable surf wave! This innovation is part of Exo’s policy: large parks with various modules, that guarantee stable progress for its guests.

Located between Valence and Montpellier, discover a secluded park with precious tranquility, for soothing sessions. Then, find a spot that suits you near Aix or Fréjus!

Who knows? With time and practice, maybe you’ll find the artificial  wave!

Combine your wakeboarding session with Exo, with other unusual activities, including those linked above if you opt for the Fréjus park! What about the others?

Did Aix en Provence catch your attention? Discover its virtual world before gliding on Exo 13! Try out the latest trend of augmented reality video games in Aix-en Provence. Not the gaming type? Then Exo 83 will be thrilled to direct your towards a nearby lake, where wingfoiling and windsurfing opportunities await! These activities complement the practice of wakeboarding!

Ready to try out the Exo adventure?

Wake Park Exo Le Muy

Royal sessions in Auvergne

Isn’t this title quirky enough? Associating water practices with the French region of Auvergne is quite rare. However, you can expect pleasant surprises during your stay!

Head off towards Haute-Auvergne, in the Chateau du Val, for a one-of-a-kind experience in France. Univers Glisse offers the opportunity to discover this famous structure from a new angle.

You can ride anything at the foot of the castle from wakeboarding to towed buoying, and even waterskiing. Have fun while enjoying the view! The braver riders can discover the Auvergnate with François’ approval!

Obviously, sport is tiring. Where can riders grab something to eat and rest after their session? The Chateau du Val! With a capacity of 2 to 4 people, enjoy a very special night of sleep in this historic monument!

Become a royal for a night!

water skiing, wakeboarding in univers glisse

Fantastical quirks of Provence

Our last destination: Provence!

Immerse yourself in Provence, near Avignon, to discover the Chill and Ride Wakepark. Discover the joys of wakeboarding in Orgon while being towed by a cable.

The village of Orgon offers an unusual setting, due to its architecture and environment. Orgon is the ideal place of a unique weekend!

First, book your night stay(s) in a yurt, for a unique and relaxing night. You’ll be in great shape to face Chill and Ride Wakepark’s towing cable!

Combining culture with travels is possible in Istres. Discover the tales and legends of the St Etienne hill in Provence. Lovers of sports and fantasy will have a grand time!

Spot Chill and Ride Wakepark Orgon

Spotyride invites you to discover the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur differently for a unique riding experience!