Summer is coming to an end, but you can still enjoy!

The month of September is full of surprises and the weather is still favorable to enjoy the water activities.

Spotyride offers you today a list of water sports that you can discover during your next weekends and Wednesday afternoons!

For the younger ones, you will be able to learn about boating. And the older ones will be able to fill up with thrills.

Due to the current health situation, we prefer local spots. So for your next weekend in France, discover water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, and more!

Water skiing

For water sports enthusiasts or those who would like to discover water skiing, the month of September and its mild weather allow it. You can, with family or friends, fill up with thrills, advancing on the water at full speed.
Despite the end of the summer season, the French waters are still quite warm, so come and ride on the water by ski or monoski!

For the less sporty, you can enjoy the beaches of the spots, or find another activity described below.
To find the water skiing spots around you, it’s here: water ski spots.

water skiing


Few people know this, but sailing can be practiced in summer as in winter!
For experienced people, September is an interesting time as the sun is still high and the waters are quiet. For beginners, it is better to prefer calm weather with little wind and a sea without swell, the month of September is therefore appreciable, especially in the south of France.
Those who want to can also try sailing, optimist, catamaran and other sailing sports.

To find the water spots close to you : spots to practice sail.



From May to September, France is the perfect country to practice wakeboarding.

This water sports sport will occupy your weekends and your Wednesdays after midday for the whole month!
The still warm and calm waters will be perfect.
Whether it’s wake cable or wake boat, at sea or in the river, there will be something for everyone. Young and old can have fun and slide on the water at full speed.

To find your spot, click here: wake spots.


Credit photo: Facebook @Gouz Gouzou (aka notre ambassadeur)


The French waters are still in good temperatures, so it’s time to enjoy some last moments with family or friends in the canyons of the country.

You can come and have fun on the water courses, discover the fauna and flora of the four corners of France but also make the full of thrills during your jumps.
In your wetsuit, and equipped with a helmet for safe practice, come swim, slide, rappel down and jump into the water.

Find the canyoning spots and monitors close to you on Spotyride: spots for canyoning.


Credit photo: @Guara

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Canoeing kayaking and paddle boarding

There are many canoeists, kayakers and paddlers in France, and the month of September is perfect to practice these sports.

At sea, in the river or in the lakes, these are the perfect bodies of water to practice.
In wooded, surrounded by nature, you will be able to descend the French waters safely.

Find an open spot near you in one click: all spots for canoe-kayak or paddle.


To finish this article, we wish you all a good start.
Enjoy your weekends to discover the sports and activities around you with ease thanks to Spotyride.