Neocean la nouvelle annexe pour les plongeurs

Néocean, the new electric catamaran

The Néocean principleNeocean, offers you the creation of the Overboat. A French start-up that built the Overboat in France to optimize…

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catamaran électrique sur foil Overboat

The overboat, the experience that will make you fly

Néocean, creator of the overboatNéocean, creator of the Overboat, a revolutionary catamaran that combines reliability, quality and ease…

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l'overboat, un catamaran 100% électrique disponible chez Foil Sensation pour faire des initiations

Foil sensation

Overboat and EfoilOverboat and Efoil are two recent and innovative nautical activities. Innovations that make it possible to fly over…

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Vague artificielle chez EXO 38 à Tencin

Outdoor artificial waves in France

It is possible to find artificial waves both outdoors and indoors. Today, we are going to list 3 spots where you can find artificial…

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Vague artificielle au

Indoor artificial waves in France

Artificial waves are places where you can surf without having to go to the sea, to the ocean, to find the best waves to finally surf.…

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activities in Gruissan

The top 5 best activities to do in Gruissan

Discover the French town of Gruissan and its marina through nautical activities. Gruissan is 15 minutes away from Narbonne, 50 minutes from…

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France artificial surf waves | TOP 10

Artificial surfing waves in France, new places to practice open all year long...Artificial surfing waves have become a darling for all…

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