Who is more qualified to talk about a spot, than its riders?

Spotyride is embarking you today to meet with 19-year-old wakeskater Adhan Akhlij, sponsored by South Wake Park. With substantial experience on this spot, he will be sharing it exclusively with us, for our readers to discover (or rediscover) South Wake Park!

I was able to beat a very talented rider with only a few years worth of experience, but what really left an impact on me was the positive atmosphere in South. And I think that’s my favorite memory of South Wake Park.

adhan gliding on the spot

Let’s meet Adhan, a passionate rider!

Hello Adhan! Can you introduce yourself in a few words? 

My name is Adhan Akhlij, I’m 19, almost 20, born on August 26th, 2022. I’ve been practicing wakeskating for 4 years, this is my 5th year!

Can you tell us about your relationship with sport?

I’ve played soccer for 13 years, and I chose to stop everything for wakeboarding, because I practiced it all the time… Then I stopped and started wakeskating.

So, as of today, you exclusively practice wakeboarding and wakeskating?

That’s right… Well actually, I don’t really practice wakeboarding. It was what I started with, but I only practiced it for a week… And then I discovered wakeskating, and now that’s all I do!

adhan touching water

Adhan’s spot: South Wake Park

Can you present your spot? Is South Wake Park your “home spot”?

I practice in South Wake Park, in the French department of the Var (83), in Puget-sur-Argens. The spot has numerous zones, like a catering and bar zone, that includes a restaurant with a view on the lake. There is also a pizzeria. There’s a water lift, a boules zone, as well as what we call the “chill zone”. That’s where all the “beds” are. “Beds” are deckchairs all around the lake where you can really relax as a family, and that’s truly awesome. So that’s my homespot!

“You can really relax as a family, and that’s truly awesome!”

How did you come across this spot?

So I discovered this spot when it opened. I’m going to explain a bit how I discovered wakeboarding, because it’s relevant… So, I started kneeboarding when I was little in Muy, in Exo 83. I went there once a year. Then I heard about South Wake Park opening. I went there to check it out, loved it, and always came back.

How long have you been practicing in South Wake Park?

I’ve been going here for 4 years.

Have you ever been to other wake parks?

Yes, I’ve been around a couple. For 3 consecutive years, I participated in the French championships, and that allowed me to discover new wake parks. And I can visit a lot more thanks to Leo Labadens’ wakeskate weekends. It’s a nation-wide and even international training course! We practiced in Italy last year. We get to travel around, and it’s great!

According to you, how is South Wake Park different from other wake parks?

It’s not only centered around the water ski lift. And that’s great, because it allowed them to really work on what’s around the lake. Not only do they have a great water ski lift, they have a nice restaurant. It’s not fast food, but actual table service. They really try to attract lots of different profiles of people. There are also parties, so people don’t only come here for wakeboarding. The park is really centered around both the wakepark, and its surrounding!

Why visit South Wake Park?

People are really nice in South Wake Park. They’re open minded, and there’s something for everyone, whether it be it the food, wakeboarding or parties, there’s always something to do here!


“People don’t only come here for wakeboarding (…). There’s something for everyone, whether it be it the food, wakeboarding or parties, there’s always something to do here!”

Can you talk to us about the cable’s tension?

The wake park is actually rather small, and that’s great. People can set off a lot. As for the tension, it’s not too different from other water ski lifts, it’s a strong pull. We keep a moderate tension in the turns, though. For straight lines, especially the last one before the motor pulley, the tension is stronger. Honestly, regarding the tension, the park is awesome and is adapted to everybody! Experts and beginners alike.

How many modules does the park have?

We have 12. They are “Unit” modules, so pretty high quality. They are entirely molded, which means that there are no screws holding them together. That makes falling on them less painful. You can also “hack” these modules, which means that they can be completely dismantled. You can assemble different modules to create new ones, which we do often here, and it’s awesome!

” The park is awesome and is adapted to everybody!”

Does South Wake Park hold events? And have you ever taken part in them? 

Yeah, there are different events here in South. First we have board tests. That’s when a brand comes to the wake park to let people try out its boards. Then there are competitions. Each year, South Wake Park hosts wakeboarding and wakeskating competitions. Very recently, we had the wakeboarding competition, and international riders came, that was fun. There are themed parties too. Because parties are pretty important here in South Wake Park! *laughs*.

So, yes, there are themed parties, the Full Moons for example. They hold a party during each full moon. There are tons of themed parties!

Is the spot renowned locally, and in the French region of Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur?

I would actually say that the spot is nationally renowned. Lots of acclaimed French Riders have been here, including Maxime Giry. At some point, he came every year. He was a wakeskater. There’s a bunch of really talented riders starting to come to the park. Last competition, we had international riders, including Brent Stuckey, currently one of the best wakeboarding riders in the world.

adhan demonstrating a boardslide

South Wake Park: Adhan reveals himself through his homespot!

Is there a wakeboarding club or association that practices regularly at the South Wake Park?

So, it’s a bit complicated. There are no clubs. But we could say that there’s a team of riders sponsored by the South Wake Park, which I am a part of, as well as Enzo Asseraf, Salomé le Ly…So that’s our team. There are other things too, like hours with reduced speed on the water ski lift for those who are learning wakeboarding. That’s available to younger kids too. We take them under our wing, explain how it works, we teach them… That’s kind of how it works. But there aren’t any official clubs.

What’s your best memory of South Wake Park?

My best memory… I’ve got plenty! That’s a tough question. *laughs*. There’s one, actually. In 2019, during a wakeskating competition. I hadn’t been practicing for long at this point. We had a good crowd of people coming to see the competition, including an Italian rider, who was a European wakeskating champion. I was in my homespot, so I was under pressure for this competition.

In the end, I managed to beat… I’m not going to say the European champion, because that changes every year, but an excellent rider, with little experience under my belt. But what really impressed me was the atmosphere in South. And I think that’s my best memory. Well, it’s the first one I thought of!

“My best memory… I’ve got plenty!

What do you think about the modules that the park offers?

I love what they did for the modules. Leo Christel is generally in charge of that, and he managed to create a wake park that’s adapted for both wakeboarding and wakeskating. In wakeskating, we don’t use larger modules, we use the smaller ones. Sometimes you get to a wake park and realize you can’t do anything here. There’s also wake parks who only target wakeskating… And that’s obviously not interesting to wakeboarders. Leo managed to find the balance to create a park that can be used for both sports.

What’s your favorite module?

It’s a module that they got this season! It’s an up-rail, so a small mount with a wall on the side, it’s great! And it’s adapted for both wakeboarding and wakeskating.

Can you talk about the atmosphere in the park? Do you feel as though you belong to a community?

Yes! I’m super comfortable here. It’s like a big family. With your friends, your family, and even those who work there. Now I know all of them really well. So yes, you truly feel like you’re part of a community.

“It’s like a big family. With your friends, your family, and even those who work there.”

What is your “typical day” when you go and practice at South Wake Park?

So… I don’t really have a typical day, but I can explain it roughly. I get here in the morning, it’s nicer to ride then, it’s less crowded. I get here as soon as it opens, so about 10am, and I ride until 1-2 pm. It’s pretty deserted during lunch time. Then I eat at the restaurant, chill in the afternoon, in the deck chairs around the park. And towards the late afternoon, I’m back in the water.

Can you convince people to come to South Wake Park in one sentence?

Honestly, regardless of your skills, of who you are and what you do, everyone is welcome here in South Wake Park!

“Everyone is welcome here in South Wake Park!”

adhan demonstrating an ollie

Adhan’s interview is coming to an end… Did he persuade you to come and meet up on his home spot?

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