Sail to freedom with Envoil’

Imagine being able to navigate with family or friends, in complete safety.

Many people want to get into habitable sailing but unfortunately don’t know how to go about it. We have found the solution for you to learn habitable sailing in the best conditions with the Envoil’ school.

Open to all audiences and a stone’s throw from Montpellier, Envoil’ will offer you a moment rich in emotions and learning. In addition, whether you want to learn the basics at a cruising pace or deepen your knowledge, the instructors will be happy to help you.

Sessions take place over four-hour slots, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. In addition, for faster and personalized learning, sessions have a maximum of four trainees.

A trial session is offered the first time. If the concept tempts you, you can purchase a 5-session pass, valid for one year and renewable as many times as you wish.

Discover habitable sailing with Envoil’

Sarah and Andréa are the referring instructors at Envoil’.

To better understand how the Envoil’ school works, we interviewed them for you. In this video, you will find the answers to your questions that many of us ask.

Good viewing !

As you can see, the Envoil’ instructors listen to everyone.

Consequently, the objective is to be able to learn better and, above all, as quickly as possible, starting from scratch or with existing bases.

In addition, if you like the concept, the club also offers a 4-day itinerant onboard course in habitable sailing to learn about sailing. Furthermore, if you already have some basics in habitable sailing, there is also the 5-day itinerant onboard course to improve your skills.

Spotyride tested it for you!

To get a taste of the session before you even try, the Spotyteam decided to take part in an introductory session to show you what it looks like.

In addition, the testimonials after the session demonstrate the quality and professionalism demonstrated by Envoil’.

After all this information, all you have to do is test the habitable sail in Carnon with Envoil’!

We invite you to test and book a pass to form your own opinion on the habitable sailing courses with Envoil’.

To discover the passes, simply click on the following link: Discover Envoil passes.