Paris, the capital of France, home to the Louvre museum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe. A city well-known for its culture and gastronomy. Paris can be visited through guided tours, but there are other options too!

Calling all lovers of water activities looking for a way to have fun! Today, the Spotyteam is taking you to Paris and its surrounding for you to enjoy board sports, even in the capital, far from the ocean.

Here are all the great things to try out in Île de Franceas soon as you land! Come and discover a new side of Paris for the day…

activities in Paris, capital of France

You’re missing the beach, but you’ve planned to stay in the capital during your entire stay. What now? Good news: there are leisure centers in Paris that enable you to try out new water activities. No need to go far to try out board sports.

Yes, that’s right, there are such spots in Paris and its surroundings. On the menu : unique adrenaline-inducing activities, or some that are more family-appropriate.

Grab your swimsuit and start planning!

1. A unique water activity: treetop courses… on water

Surely you’ve heard of treetop courses in trees, now how about on water? This unique activity is waiting for you in Park Nautic, Verberie. A city in Oise, just 45 minutes away from Paris.

The concept is simple: holding on and finishing the course. If you fall, you’ll land in water!

You will need to keep your composure, and show both agility and balance in order to complete the course. This is the ideal opportunity to challenge your friends and see who will fall, and who will complete the course with the best time!

The park offers three different levels of courses marked by color: blue, green and red.

Some examples of course stages:
– swinging on vines
– zip lines
– swings
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Other activities are available in Park Nautic, Verberie. Such as:
– towed buoys
– paddleboarding
– kneeboarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakeskating…

treetop courses on water : park nautic de verberie

2. Waterskiing on the Seine

The Seine, this French river in the heart of the capital. Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing on it? This is now possible thanks to numerous boats that take you around Paris. Some even allow you to see the Eiffel Tower. But is it possible to practice activities in Paris on the Seine? Yes it is!

Today, we’re offering you a chance to ride on it! The Ski Nautique Club de Paris is located at 1 allée du bord de l’eau (75016 Paris).

This clubs enables you to develop or improve your skills in 6 disciplines:
– baby skiing
– bi skiing
– mono skiing
– bi figure
– mono figure
– or wakeboarding

Children can participate starting from 3 years old, however, they do need to know how to swim.

Learn more by clicking here.

waterskiing and wakeboarding: waterskiing club in Paris

3. Artificial waves, aquaparks, rowing sports, electric catamaran…

Multiple nautical activities are concentrated in a single place. The leisure center Cergy Pontoise is located close to Paris, and includes over 250m² of water and nature. It is about 50 minutes away from the heart of Paris, but it’s worth the hassle.

Want to try out surfing? This activity close to Paris offers that! A surfing wave awaits you on site. Learning how to surf is possible, even far from the ocean.

You can also practice rowing sports such as: canoeing, paddleboarding, or big paddleboarding for groups of 6. A lovely change of scenery, even if it’s close to the capital!
And finally, for those who want to discover the Galets pond, you can also sail a pedalo, opt for an aquajet which offers more sensations, or even choose an electric catamaran.

Book your activity here : Leisure center Cergy Pontoise.

a site with numerous activities including artificial waves : leisure island cergy pontoise

4.Towed waterskiing and wakeboarding

Do you love wakeboarding and waterskiing? Or do you wish to discover these activities in Paris? These watersports offer a unique adrenaline rush. Plus, you can try them out less than 20 minutes away from the heart of the French capital!

Water sports have never been more accessible!

The Kable is a sports complex located in the Sports de Choisy-le-Roi park, in Créteil. It harbors a large water teleski complete with 5 pylons and a bi-pulley lift.
You can practice waterskiing and wakeboarding through training courses or private lessons. Sports as well as festive events are hosted here all year long.

Book your session : the Kable.

5. Wakeboarding and skiing, towed by a boat


Wakeboarding and waterskiing can be practiced in two different ways: by being towed by a cable, or a boat. The sensations may vary. Other differences include the speed: for cables, it is roughly 30km/h. Nautical lifts also include modules like kickers.

Whereas in a boat, the rider can perform jumps, and use the waves to have fun. Unlike with the lift, there is no predefined course, which will be determined by the driver.
Besides, it is possible to practice these sports in lakes, ponds, seas, and oceans with a boat. As for lifts, that depends on their location.

Barefoot Style is located less than 30 minutes away from the city center and allows you to try out wakeboarding, waterskiing, or barefooting.

Barefooting is just like water skiing, but barefoot. No worries, it is not painful, and is accessible to all! Even to those who have not practiced water skiing previously.

Come and feel the adrenaline rush with Barefoot Style : reservations.

activities in Paris: barefoot with Barefoot Style