What can you do this summer to have fun?

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet and hot, so it is time to go out and discover or rediscover water activities!
But what can you do? Which activities? To do so, you can pick one between the top 10, or test them all!

  • The water activities the most known

# 10 – Tubing

This one is more fun when you are with your friends. You are on a buoy that will be tracked by a boat. So, you will discover real thrills!
There are different types of buoys. Indeed, on one, you will be seated, on the other one you will be laying down or standing up. The speed goes to 30 km/h, and depending on what you want, the monitor can go faster or slower. Furthermore, you can ask him to do more turns allowing you to have more thrills.
The challenge? To stay tight and not fall in the water.

# 9 – Parasailing

Do you want real thrills? And to enjoy the view? This is the activity for you! You will be seated with a harness that is connected to a cable at the boat. The faster the boat goes, the higher you will be in the air.
If you like to fly, you will love it. Why? Because you can go up to 100 meters above the sea.
The little extra? You can do it with one or two of your friends or family.

Water activity: Parasailing

# 3 – E-foil

For those who are more patient and who are ready to take lessons, you need to try hydrofoil surfing.
It is a sliding practice where the board is not touching the water. Indeed, it is a few centimeters above it, knowing that there are different types of lenghts. The advantage? Without the friction between the water and the board, you will gain speed.

Water activity: Hydrofoil surfing

# 7 – Flyboard

Become a real dolphin! You will be able to move under the water and dive like a dolphin.
It is a sport that is fast-growing, and have been existing for two years.
How does it work? Your feet are attached to the board which is connected to a pipe to the jet ski turbine. This will give you the chance to go up to 1 to 2 meters for those who are starting the sport, and to 15 meters for the experts.
It is fun and challenging. And whether you are with your friends or your family, you can challenge whoever will manage to go the highest, or the one that will make the best acrobatics!

It is similar to the flyboard except for one thing. Indeed, the pipe is at the back of the board. It is inspired by the famous movie “Back to the future”.
Those who are passionate about snowboarding or skating, this one is for you! You can move above the water, and for the most audacious, you can try some acrobatics. Thrills are guaranteed.
Now, it is time to try it, and don’t forget your GoPro!

  • The water sports the less known

# 5 – Sea scooter

This is a new activity, which has similarities with the stand-up paddle. It is known as BlueWay.
It is a board, with handlebars that will allow you to keep your balance. You will be standing up. Thanks to an electrical engine and a helix, you will slide on the water up to 7 km/h.
An activity that will allow you to do walks along the shores. To do it, you do not require any knowledge of navigation of the sea.

The thrills are great, but sometimes you are only looking for water activity and enjoying the beautiful landscapes around us. And to have fun with friends and family.
This is an alternative to the famous stand-up paddle but it is better! Why? Because you will not need to paddle for hours just to try to move, while you are trying to keep your balance. Yes, it is possible, with the strengths of your legs you will be moving. Indeed, by alternating your supports, you will activate the fins. It looks like the elliptic devices that you will find at the gym.
The little extra? You will train your whole body.

# 3 – Karting

You may know karting but on the land. But do you know the nautical karting?

You are on a nautical kart and you will follow different tracks. The goal? To arrive before your opponents. To do so, you must learn to handle your kart and improve your paths to save time at each lap.

The sensations are guaranteed!
Moreover, you do not need to have a boat license to try it and to have fun!

To do this unusual activity book here.

water activity: karting

Credit photo: Exocetgame

# 9 – Le snuba

This word is a mix between tuba and scuba diving. Like scuba, if you want to try this activity, you will need a diving mask, fins, and air tanks. The difference with scuba diving is that the air tanks will stay at the surface of the water.
To try it, you don’t need any experience, and you can learn the basics rapidly. This is a way for you to get used to using a breathing devices and to enjoy the ocean floor.

Water activity: Snuba

Credit photo : Hisour

# 1 – Coasteering

Yes, coasteering, and not canyoning. This is the new activity to do at the sea. It is for everyone who loves to swim, wander, jump in the water and discover inaccessible places (for example caves).
You will travel along rocky shores, climb, rappel down, swim and finally jump in the water from several meters high.
A unique experience that will offer you incredible memories!

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