Here are the top 10 nautical activities to do with your darling!

To try absolutely!

  1. The Paddle

paddle couple

More and more famous today, this sport can be shared at 2. It is a sport that is calm and perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. The goal ? Stand on a board, longer than a surfboard.


2.  Jetski


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Jetski is the perfect activity to enjoy with your lover. It is also possible to go up to 2 on the same jetski. What more ?😃


3. Water Skiing


deux mariés qui s'embrassent les pieds dans l'eau

Water skiing aims to practice as its name suggests skiing, but on the water.Can be practiced at 2.


4. Canoe/Kayak

Canoë Kayak, Couple, Rangée, Eau, Remi, Bateau, Mer

Canoeing / kayaking is the perfect sport to relax while having fun and discovering a beautiful landscape at 2.


5. Surf

surf couple

Surfing, the sport of slipping on the waves is an ideal sport to practice for 2 enthusiasts, or not for water sports.


6. Sailing

la voile couple

Sailing is becoming more and more practiced, and sailing can be practiced all over the world.


7. Parasailing

De Vacances, Amusement, Voyage

Consists of climbing in the air hooked to a sail similar to that of a parachute from the ground or a body of water being towed quickly.


8. Wavepool

Activite couple Wavepool Spotyride

Artificial wave, ideal for having fun as a couple.


9. Water Rides

Balade nautique en couple Spotyride

Ideal for discovering new things at 2.


10. The rafting

Activite couple Rafting Spotyride

Rafting is a sport that consists of navigating sections of river with rapids called white water on board an inflatable raft handled by paddling by several crew members.


Top 10 water activities to do as a couple

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