Artificial surfing waves in France, new places to practice open all year long…

Artificial surfing waves have become a darling for all our young budding surfers who want to try this sport which has just entered the Olympic Games during the Tokyo Games which took place in 2021 due to Covid.

For most of these, they are open all year round due to their indoor positioning in major cities such as Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Perpignan, Avignon, Grenoble, La Roche-sur-Yon…

The different types of artificial waves

Several types of waves can be created depending on the configuration of the site which will vary from Flowrider type (which is a projection of water over a height of a few centimeters) to a more wave rider type (where you can manage to surf on a height of water between 40 cm and 1.30 meters depending on the power of the pumps)

The only problem with this type of wave is an impressive energy consumption to be able to put the pumps and the water treatment system into service, which runs in closed circuit for indoor waves and in open circuit for those outdoors. located on bodies of water …

Here is the Top 10 of its artificial waves in France

#10 Flow-rideur Cergy Leisure Center

Go discover the biggest outdoor surfing wave in Europe! Go surf on 256 m of waves!
The principle is simple: a stretched and inclined tarpaulin in the shape of a slide on which water is projected at high power, this creates static artificial surf waves on which you can do either Surfing or Body-Boarding.
Duration of the activity: 30 min

#9 Wave-Pool Exo 38 tencin north of Grenoble

Firstartificial surfing wave floating in France! Hydrostadium, Method and Exoloisirs have teamed up to bring you the best artificial surfing wave technology

The height of the wave can be adjusted up to 130cm to adapt to the level of the practitioners. The activity is accessible from 10 years old.

Whether you’re more into surfing, wakesurfing or a neophyte, you’ll love it!!!

#8 Wave surf Paris, the wave in the heart of the capital …

Wave in Paris uses a unique technology in France since it is Flowrider, world reference and leader in static waves. The water projected at high power on the inclined plane creates a static wave on which the practitioner can slide and perform its tricks. It is a pool of 16 meters by 10 meters for 160m3 of water and it is fed by 2 autonomous pumps (90kwa each) where it is possible to regulate and vary the powers. one of the most popular artificial surf waves in the capital


#7 Wave surf Café Bordeaux, the Urban surf spot

The indoor wave of the Wave Surf Café Bordeaux, brings the ocean and the mountains closer to the city center of Bordeaux, and resembles a ramp endless skateboarding.

The first wave of indoor surfing open all year round in France to have fun and practice surfing, bodyboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding and skateboarding. It is also a bar and a restaurant to enjoy a surf atmosphere over a drink or a dish

Wave surf café or artificial surf waves combine fun and art of living in the city

#6 Wave surf Café Perpignan, where surfing and trampolining come together plural

Come and have fun, discover how to slide on the water, test your ollies and 360s, jump and perform aerobatics on our trampolines, celebrate your birthday, your bachelor/bachelorette party, bring your teams together or simply have a drink. and take advantage

show, the Wave Surf Café welcomes you every day in the heart of Perpignan on its unique artificial surf waves …

h4>#5 Echirolles The artificial wave for surfing all year round

If the Isérois are used to sliding on snow, they will now be able to confront the “ride” in the aquatic environment.“La vague”, an indoor space dedicated to occasional or confirmed surfers, has just launch at Echirolles. The only complex of its kind in the region other than outdoor artificial surf waves

#4 Niki surf wave indoor Marseille, surfing all year round h4>
What if you could surf all year round regardless of the weather? NICKI SURF offers you the ultimate attraction within DECATHLON VILLAGE. NICKI SURF guarantees you a unique surfing experience, both for professional surfers and for beginners.

#3 The Glassy house, an infinite wave, in water at 28 degrees, do you think it’s possible?

A perfect combination of the language of board sports, an intimate atmosphere and the unifying spirit that surf culture brings.
An artificial wave UNIQUE IN FRANCE of modular size and surfable to infinity! It adapts to all levels and allows you to practice this sport in complete safety (you are supervised by a state-certified instructor and a pool supervisor).

#2 City Surf park Lyon , h4>
Whatever your level, come and live a unique experience on the biggest indoor wave in Europe, in Lyon!

City Surf Park recreates the optimal conditions of a real surf spot in a fun, safe environment suitable for all levels.

In water at 27 degrees, come and live a unique experience and discover the pleasure of skiing whatever the season or your level of practice.

City surf park Lyon are the beginnings of what will be done in terms of artificial surf waves in France with several spots already planned


MY SURF®CityWave is the indoor and heated artificial wave of WAVE ISLAND, recognized worldwide and accessible regardless of the outside temperature.

Beginner? MY SURF®CityWave makes you discover surfing in a secure environment. Thanks to its modular power and its crossbar to which it is possible to hold on, you can learn and have fun in complete safety.

Experienced? MY SURF®CityWave allows you totrain and perfect your technique, on a real board, in conditions close to reality, on a flexible and infinitely practicable wave.

10min initiations are offered for those who wish to test themselves on the wave and, from 4 p.m., 30min sessions are also available. reservation for those who really want to discover skiing and develop their technique.


and DA WAVE, it’s the sliding simulator that can reach up to 3.50m high, visible at WAVE CORNER, the meeting spot for surfers in the Vaucluse, in Monteux, just 15 minutes away from Avignon. Certified with the Guinness World Records, it is the largest artificial wave in the world!


The only artificial surfing wave spot that combines a flowrider and a waverider