Water sports

Whether activities at sea, lake or river, this page is dedicated to water sports all over the world. Find all the information on practice, vocabulary, professional interviews, the latest innovations or even flagship products and equipment.

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Practice a water sport

How do I get started in water sports? It’s a question that can put some people off. Spotyride gives you advice on how to get started, progress and excel! What equipment should you choose? Which spot to start? Which sports to try next? Who knows, maybe you’ll find the sport of your dreams?


I love the outline of your board “, is an unfamiliar vocabulary for beginners in water sports. To help you out, Spotyride has put together a complete vocabulary of the various water sports: kitesurfing, surfing, swimming, wakeboarding, etc. An international lexicon just waiting for you!

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The spots

During a vacation, a break or an evening out, you’re looking for the best spot for surfing, paddleboarding, canoeing, …?
Find a spot near you and discover all the water sports you can do as well as the services available at these spots.

The evolution of water games: WIBIT aquaparks

An exclusive interview with Jacques Casanova, co-founder of CDLD, a company specializing in equipment for leisure bases…

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Wakeboarding in the heart of the french capital | Paris

Paris, the city of lights and love, is famous for its rich history, iconic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. But…

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Vague artificielle au

Indoor artificial waves in France

Artificial waves are places where you can surf without having to go to the sea, to the ocean, to find the best waves to…

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Spots around the world

Water sports also mean riding abroad. Without local knowledge and without Spotyride, it’s hard to find the best spots.
Spotyride accompanies you abroad and shows you where to practice your water sports and water activities. Nothing can stop you now…

Gear and Advices

Have you found the water sport of your dreams? Board, helmet, vest, neoprene wetsuit, leash… each water sport has its own equipment.
Which should you choose when you’re a beginner? When you’re an expert? For certain tricks? And finally, where can you find all this gear? Spotyride understands how difficult it can be to find this information, and brings it all together in these articles.

Squid Surf Board

Squid surfboards, the start-up with “made in France” surfboards, entirely eco-responsible

Passionate about surfboards and committed to sustainable development, two materials technicians: Anthony Hervelin and…

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Surfing for dummies

“Meet at the peak”, “I messed up my roller”, “I love the outline of your board”, “Maybe we should try to pass the bar…

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Water sports federations

The aim of the French Federations is to promote water sports and make them accessible to all. There are different French federations for different sports, such as surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, …
Find all the federations for your favorite water sports!