Have you ever heard of Akila Gruissan? This magical spot located in Gruissan. They even have two poles: one at the sea and the other at a pond. The advantage? Why practice water sports in different places.

Akila Gruissan is aimed at all water sports enthusiasts: kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran, paddle, canoeing, etc. Find your favorite activities. Group lessons, private lessons, courses, etc. many options are available. A real plus in Gruissan since you can try out many water activities. So let’s look at water activities together.

When? April to November.
Conditions? Know how to swim.
Duration? Minimum 1 hour.

Sailing sports

Several courses are offered:

  • Optimist
  • Funboat
  • Catamaran

You can either opt for group lessons, or private lessons, either internships or equipment rental (catamaran, funboat). All group courses are only offered during school holidays. All courses, coaching and internships are supervised by experienced instructors.

The optimist is the ideal support for learning the basics of navigation. It is recommended for children between 6 and 8 years old.

The fun boat is offered to children aged 6 and over. It is a small catamaran which allows you to discover water sports. Children can start with the funboat then continue in the field of sailing but independently.

catamaran is different from other sailing sports. You must be aged 14 to 77 to practice it. Unlike other sailing sports where you are alone with your boat, a minimum of three participants are on board the same catamaran.

trois images de voile, les actiivités de chez Akila Gruissan

Windsurf (windsurfing)

Come learn windsurfing on a closed spot. The advantage is that it is much safer, especially for beginners. Another spot is available, on the sea.
Beginners or experts, you will find the spot best suited to your desires and your level.

For amateurs, during your lessons, you will learn how to: start, steer, go upwind, change tack, safety rules and finally navigation rules.
For intermediate levels you will: learn to go upwind, learn to sail in light wind, jibe, sail without drifting, beachstart and finally learn everything about the harness.
And to improve your skills, Akila Gruissan also has courses made for you. You will learn to sail with harness and without centerboard, footstraps and waterstart.

In terms of equipment, you will use the latest equipment. Akila Gruissan puts the entire range of FANATIC boards and DUOTONE sails at your disposal. In cold weather, you can rent a full suit at the spot.

cours de planche à voile à alkila gruissan

Paddle a canoe-kayak

Canoeing is a nautical leisure activity that is accessible to everyone since it can be learned quickly. However, if you need, Akila Gruissan offers canoeing lessons.
With these courses, you will be able to learn how to maintain the balance of this boat, learn the different rowing techniques that there exists and finally the different maneuvers. Secondly, during the course, you will take a discovery walk in the middle of the Narbonnaise natural park.

Then, you are free to rent your canoe-kayak equipment. The rental includes: life jackets, paddles, waterproof container if you need them.

You can rent single-seater or two-seater canoe-kayaks, practical with children or for an outing with friends. Akila Gruissan has also opted for the best equipment for you: two-seater RTM (Rotomod) kayaks which are the benchmark for canoe-kayaks.

personnes qui se baladent en canoë-kayak grâce à la location faite chez akila gruissan

Fly above the water with the foil

4 different water sports to practice foiling:

  • Wingfoil

    This sport has been very successful since 2019. No prerequisites to practice it. To test it, you will have a wing and a float with a foil under your feet. The learning process is initially a bit physical, but you won’t regret it when you feel like you’re flying! To help you learn this sport, you have the possibility of being towed by boat to initially learn how to balance on the foil.

  • Supfoil

    Stand at the peak to catch the waves! Learning this water sport is quicker if you already have some basic surfing skills, however, it is not obligatory.

  • Kitefoil

    If you like kitesurfing and are looking for new sensations, kitefoiling is for you. The principle is the same as in kitesurfing, the difference is that under your board, you have a foil. This support that allows you to fly above water. The advantage of the kitefoil? No need to reach for the wind to be strong enough to get to the water.

  • Windfoil

    Here is the cousin of windsurfing, or in French windsurfing. Here too, you will have understood, the principle remains the same as windsurfing except that your board is equipped with a foil. Its advantage is therefore all these new sensations that you will have during acceleration. It is advisable to have windsurfed before and you will need to learn before taking your first flights. However, it is possible! And the Akila team will show you how.

So, foiling is really the essential water sport for those looking for new sensations. The Akila team understands this and that’s why you can try these foil sports at their place in Gruissan.
With private lessons or coaching, come and learn one of these four water sports. Foiling is definitely the sport to try, it can be scary at first, but this water sport is worth it! You see it yourself with all the videos that can be found on the internet.

faire du kitefoil, windfoil, wingfoil ou supfoil chez akila gruissan

Exclusive to the sea center: kitesurfing

When? From April to November.
Conditions? Know how to swim + have civil liability insurance for kitesurfing.
Duration? 3-hour sessions.

Gruissan is the perfect place to progress in kitesurfing, even more so with Akila Gruissan and its two poles which allow you to progress at your own pace.
Kitesurfing is a water sport that gives you water and air sports sensations. With a little practice, you will be able to fly for several seconds above the sea, do jumps and other tricks. No veil hiding your view, you have a 360° vision. With a winter wetsuit, you can practice this sport all year round! And for those who want to go further: you can take part in competitions.

To start: lessons on the shallow body of water.
To improve your skills: courses at sea on a unique spot with a breathtaking view.

During the lessons, you will have a radio to allow you to hear the instructor who will give you advice and tips to improve.
You will ride with new equipment (boards and wings DUOTONE). Group lessons consist of one instructor for every four students.

The other formulas:
– equipment rental
private lessons
supervised navigation

faire du kitesurf à gruissan avec akila gruissan

A fun and playful activity: paddle

Paddleboarding is a popular board sport. For what ? It is easy to practice and makes this sport accessible to everyone. Everyone can be able to master paddle boarding in several minutes.
You are standing on a board with a paddle in your hands that will help you move forward. The hardest ? Find balance on the board.

Akila Gruissan offers paddle lessons to help you get started. In the program :

  • paddle adjustment
  • paddling technique
  • maneuver technique

Be the first during your next shopping with friends or family! For more fun together: consider sharing the giant paddle on which you can have 4 to 8 people on it. Perfect for an afternoon filled with sharing.

In terms of equipment, you will use the WAVE range from Fanatic.

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Akila Gruissan in video:

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