Want to know where the best surf spots are in Portugal ? But there is no such thing as the best surf spot. Surf spots are created by the interaction of people, and therefore depend on different criteria for each. That’s what makes them unique ! We’ve searched for the best surf spots in Portugal to help you narrow down your search and get you one step closer to finding the perfect spot for you in Portugal!

5 – Surf Club Portimão

Portimao Surf Club

Come and surf on the most beautiful beaches of Portimão and Costa Vicentina. Depending on your level, you can surf at different places on the beach. The safest and most peaceful place to learn to surf is in the middle of the beach. If you have a certain level and like to challenge the limits, the peak that breaks the waves is more demanding and will challenge you.

In any case, Portimão Surf Club’s mission is to guarantee the quality of surfing instruction and the pleasure it will give you.


4 – Atlantic Coast Surf School

Atlantic Coast Surf School

With over 10 years of professional surf coaching the Atlantic Coast Surf School team will teach you to surf safely. They will choose the best spot to surf in the best conditions and adapt to your level.

You will be able to learn, or improve quickly by adjusting the right teaching technique. Moreover, for your comfort, you will be equipped with high quality boards and wetsuits. Atlantic Coast Surf School is the perfect place to learn to surf in Portugal.


3 – Escola de Surf de Peniche

Escola de Surf de Peniche Portugal

From equipment rental, to surf lessons, to a full stay, Escola de Surf de Peniche has everything to satisfy your surfing urge.

Stay in a private flat on Baleal Island or opt for the surf camp just a stone’s throw from the beach, with a large terrace and jacuzzi with panoramic sea views!

The ideal spot to enjoy the sea, the sun and the expertise of the instructors to improve your surfing skills.


2 – Surf 4 Fun Albufeira Algarve

Surf 4 Fun Albufeira Portugal

Discover or practice surfing with Surf 4 Fun Albufeira whether you are a beginner or want to improve your skills.

You can discover different beaches according to your level. An ideal spot to learn to surf is Galé beach with its regular moderate waves. If you want to surf for a longer period of time, full days are organised on the west coast. Considered as one of the best surf spots in Europe with stronger waves you will have a lot of fun and safety.


1 – Surf At Surf School

Surf at Surf School Portugal

The Surf At school is certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and is dedicated to teaching surfing and bodyboarding on the beaches of Praia das Maças and Praia Grande, in the emblematic area of Sintra.

The courses take place between these beaches and Carcavelos beach, depending on the sea conditions. We offer a wide variety of programmes adapted to the different levels and ages involved, always in a fun, enthusiastic, safe and environmentally responsible environment so that you can make the most of your experience and contact with the sea.


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