Want to learn how to Wingfoil? Discover everything there is to know about this technical and fun sport. We will give you some advice, as well as advice from ffvoile to start the Wing. All you have to do is jump into the water!


Wingfoil, also called windsurfing, is a water sport. The goal is to surf on a foil board using an inflatable wing held by handles on the central strut. This very recent sport, which appeared in 2019, has become more and more practiced over the years. With feelings of freedom and ease, the Wing is adaptable for all rider profiles. Do you want to practice Wingfoil yourself? Today we explain all the tips you need to know to get started Wingfoil.

How to learn Wingfoil?

First of all, the best methods to learn how to Wingfoil well, are to be supervised by trainers and to take lessons in order to have the best possible bases. For this you can find on spotyride all Wing schools near you . Nevertheless, we give you some tips that could be useful for you to start in this sport.

  • Handle the equipment on the ground: In order to save time, learning, handling and placing your hands on the handles of the sail on the ground will allow you to be more comfortable once thrown with water.
  • Start on a body of water: A body of water will facilitate learning because the swell will only complicate the practice of Wingfoil and will tire you. In the end, you won’t have learned anything more.

3 Wingfoil tips

Now that you have the techniques in hand, we help you to have the ideal conditions and equipment.

Choose your spot

  • The surface: choose a spot sheltered from the waves that does not have too much algae.
  • The height of the water: The ideal is to have a foothold but with enough depth so that the foil does not touch the bottom
  • Wind: For beginners, average wind conditions are ideal. The wind must be from the side, also called sideshore to avoid being blown offshore or on board. Finally, stability is more than necessary, so a constant wind will help you progress.

alios lacanau - séances de wingfoil près de bordeaux

Prepare your equipment

Once you have chosen your spot and you have equipped yourself, prepare your equipment!

  • Prepare your float: attach the foil to your float and attach your leash to the board, then bring it near your launching area
  • Inflate your kite: To avoid any risk of flying away, attach the leash to your wrist or attach the kite to a fixed point
  • Reach your board: To carry your kite, place the leading edge into the wind and use the handle. Once near the water, attach your board leash. Then carry your equipment to the water. Be careful to carry your board on the wind direction side to prevent the Wing from catching the wind and touching the foil.

Equip well

Good equipment during your navigation is necessary for the good practice of your sport. Here is what you will need:

  • A helmet
  • A full wetsuit
  • An impact vest or flotation vest (these help reduce breakdowns on the surface of the water
  • Slippers, to avoid cuts to your feet when traveling on land and in the event of contact under water with the wings of the foil
  • A board leash and a Wing leash

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