See you on October 8th, 2020, for the

The boats hows are the meeting place between enthusiasts, professionals and individuals. was keen to organize a virtual boat show (the in order to allow all actors of the nautical sector to share a moment.
At the appointment, discovery of new boats and fishing equipment, presentation of services and equipment, there will be for all tastes.

This Thursday, the first virtual boat show organized by magazine will open its doors to the public!

From 2:00 p.m, actors of the nautical sector will be able to find while respecting the health rules thanks to a 100% digital event.
The boating magazine  offers an online boat show to allow industry players to meet safely during this period.
The show will be divided into 7 types of activities that we will detail.

1) Sailing

In the first hall of the show, you will be able to observe various boats, from light sailing to tall sailing to catamaran.
The sail is characterized by a piece of fabric or a set of pieces that allow the boat to move forward thanks to the effect of the wind that blows. The size of the sail can vary from a few square meters to several hundred.
To learn more about this sport, go to the page of the federation : French Sailing Federation.

2) Motor boats

In the second hall, you will find a space dedicated to motor boats. If you want to see trawlers or others, this is the hall you have to go to. Boats for solo moments or day sailing with the family, there will be the boat you’re searching for. 

3) Rigid seeding

There are several types of rigid seeding that you can find in hall 3 of the event.
It will be an opportunity for you to come and observe the tyres, zodiacs, and others.
This type of boat is known and recognized for its stability, buoyancy but also its weight and weight capacity. In fact, these boats, considered light, can withstand their weight up to several times.

4) Multihulls

As its name suggests, the multihull is a multi-hull boat, which will be present in Hall 4 of the
In this category of boat you will find for example motor catamarans but also trimarans.
With two, three or four shells, there will be something for everyone.

5) The equipment

The objective of every navigator is to maximize the comfort on board his boat. This is possible thanks to various additional facilities that you can find in hall 5 of the virtual event.
You will also find the necessary tools for the various possible repairs to be made on all types of boats.

6) The services

In Hall 5, we talked to you about improvement, repair and maintenance. In the 6th hall we will rather address the services related to the acquisition of a boat. No matter what type of boat it is, it will be necessary to insure your boat, store it, moor it in a port, and many others.
Service providers will be there to guide you, help you, and offer you the offers that best suit your needs.

7) Fishing

To finish the digital event of, the 7th and last hall will be dedicated to fishing. This sport as old as the world attracts many new enthusiasts and sportsmen every year. In this space of the event, you will find the different equipments but also the services of service providersfor sinners, beginner or confirmed.
To live your passion in peace, it is here.

We hope that many of you will attend to the, which offers the opportunity to share a moment between enthusiasts safely.
We’ll get back to you soon for the registration details!

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