Welcome to Hyères, a town located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Come on over and try out nautical activities in Hyères.
This coastal city with its Mediterranean climate will win you over with its beaches, its coastline and its sun. You may enjoy activities like swimming, tanning or practicing nautical activities.

For explorers, you’ll find historical monuments and modern attractions. And finally, for those who wish to try out the food, Hyères has numerous restaurants with different specialties.
To escape from the city and discover this incredible region with stunning landscapes, nautical activities are ideal: scuba diving, wing foiling, and boat rides.

Over 40 scuba diving sites in Hyères…

One of Hyère’s nautical activities: scuba diving. An activity which offers sensations, and will amaze you…

Hyères is the city with the most attractive scuba diving sites in the world. Hyères has over 40 diving spots, all equally rich in flora and fauna.

Go and discover the marine wildlife and mythical shipwrecks…

In order to discover the underwater world, several options are available:

  • Training courses to acquire different diving levels
  • Diving initiations
  • Or simply discovering the ocean floor

Do you want to find out what it’s like breathing underwater? To discover the ocean floor? Then scuba diving is made for you.

Scuba diving is a unique activity which offers sensations through sights and the surrounding wildlife. Ready to try it out?

Saphir plongée

Saphir Plongée is a diving school in Hyères. It is unique as it allows you to discover this nautical activity by starting with PADI Discover Scuba diving online lessons. PADI is a certification which reflects your level. Without it, it is impossible to dive in total autonomy.

PADI lessons allow you to improve faster and get familiar with the basics of scuba diving. There are theoretical aspects to discover prior to the practical part. Once they are assimilated, you receive a training credit which enables you to start Open Water diving 1 lessons.

During the entire dive, the instructor will accompany and advise you.

Come and live an unforgettable moment with the Saphir Plongée team. To book your diving session: monitored scuba diving initiation.

diving in hyeres with saphir plongee

To glide freely: wing foiling in Hyères

Another nautical activity in Hyères is wing foiling. Wing foiling is a relatively new board sport. It was created in 2019.

This nautical sport stirs up sensations quickly. This sport is easy to grasp and works every muscle in your body.

Trying out wing foiling with previous experience in kitesurfing or windsurfing is even easier. However, it’s not impossible to start directly with wing foiling either. The wing is easy to handle, and inflating your wing and setting up the foil is all you have to do beforehand.

Besides, it’s important to find the right instructor. We found the perfect spot in Hyères: Wind School Hyères.

Ben and Hervé take you far from crowded beaches on their catamaran. It’s the ideal place to start wing foiling. Ben and Hervé are passionate and their expertise is unmatched in the sector, they will provide you with everything to succeed in the sport.

Besides, Wind School Hyères is the first wing foiling school of the region! It is the very best place to begin or improve your wing foiling skills.

Hervé and Ben will teach you wing foiling in favorable conditions with lessons that consist of two people and one instructor. Semi-private or private lessons last about 2 hours.

Book your lesson: wing foiling in Wind School Hyères .

wing foiling hyeres

Boat trips: a breeze of freedom

A boat trip in Hyères is an excellent option for those who wish to get away from the city and make the most of nature. There are various types of boats on which you can sail, ranging from small sailboats to luxurious catamarans.

Boat rides are ideal for those who want to soak up the sun and have fun with friends and family as well. You can even make a stop on one of the islands along the way and swim, snorkel or tan.

L’évasion bleue

The L’évasion bleue group offers a nautical activity based in Hyères: boat rides. Different options are available to experience this adventure at your leisure:

  • Boat rides at dawn
  • Boat rides at sunset
  • Boat rides that last either a half or a full day

You may then visit islands such as: Porquerolles, Port-Cros, île du Levant…

Breathing in the fresh air and looking out to the horizon will make the experience feel like an escape from reality.

Book your activity: boat rides.

L’évasion bleue offers another activity for those who have a coastal license: boat rentals.

hyères boat trips