Manta5, pedaling on water and on a bike is now possible!

The “Cycling” revolution is on!

Manta5 arrives in Europe and unveils a water sport that rides on the growing trend of foils

The New Zealand company Manta5 offers a whole new cycling and boating experience, by offering the world’s first foiled bike! This first model of the brand reproduces the experience of cycling on water, thus creating a new water sport for thrill seekers. Technology and innovation have been at the heart of the company’s approach to creating a new experience that combines sport, entertainment and thrills.

After a successful launch in its home country, Manta5 is set to revolutionize water sports in Europe with an official launch on September 7, during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021.



Manta5: years of innovation serving an international ambition


After an intensive R&D phase, the company launched the first prototype in 2018. Presented on social networks and garnering more than 350 million views on Youtube, the “Hydrofoiler” reproduces the experience of a bicycle but on the water using carbon fiber foils that are reminiscent of the America’s Cup sailboats.

First launched in New Zealand and then in the United States, this eco-friendly innovation enjoyed immediate international success. It was particularly noticed during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, where it was launched, (ranking #1 on Google #CES2020 among 4,500 global high-tech exhibitors and major brand launches) and generating 5 million dollars for its first year of sale.


“We were able to establish ourselves immediately in a few booming markets. Now it’s about fueling the awareness of this new sport,” said founder Guy Howard-Willis. “This completely new product category in water recreation is riding the wave of the ‘wellness’ trend, while creating a new sporting discipline – hydrocycling. We are delighted to be able to bring this great innovation to consumers today. French and Spanish”


MANTA5-SpotymagThe first bike released was the XE-1 (X = All Terrain Water, E = Electric Assist, 1 – First Edition), a pedal-powered, electric-assist model that allows riders to change the level of motor assistance when riding. its use.




Experienced cyclists who wish to provide maximum physical effort can even reach a speed of 11 knots (20km/h) and benefit from a range of 4 hours.

Hydrofoil bikes are made of carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes them “floating” while still being light enough to carry around.


One of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies

Backed by the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Manta5 has now established its new European base of operations in Marseille, southern France.

“New Zealanders have a strong affinity and love for water; we see the same connection in French and Spanish culture. This is the right place to start building communities of foil riders across the country. Europe” says Mark Robotham, CEO

Drawing inspiration from many disciplines, from cycling to water sports, the company plans to reach a turnover of 100 million dollars in 2023 by launching a range of water bikes designed to live unique experiences. With stock market listing aspirations within the next two years, Manta5 is actively engaging with distributors and the general public.

Official European launch of the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 Bike in September 2021

The possibilities of use of this Hydrofoil Bike are endless: from aquatic leisure to training for cyclists and athletes who wish to diversify their exercises while practicing a nautical activity.

On the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival in Cannes (September 7-12), Manta5 officially presented its Hydrofoil Bike to its international partners, distributors and European media. The latter will have the opportunity to preview the Hydrofoiler XE-1 model on a site near Port Canto in Cannes.

“It’s an exciting time for the entire Manta5 team, a young New Zealand company coming to the European market with a unique offering that promises to revolutionize the cycling and boating industries. We’ve seen incredible growth since 2018 and our arrival in the EU will be the catalyst to achieve our goal of becoming a new global discipline,” said Rowan Gyde, Head of European Business Development at Manta5.

About Manta5

Manta5 created the world’s first hydrofoil bike and revolutionized the water cycling experience in 2020. Today, Manta5 is the global leader in personal hydrofoil innovation and supporting growth emerging hydrofoil sport disciplines. Manta5’s R&D, marketing and product development are based in Waikato, New Zealand, manufacturing in Taiwan and sales offices in France and Florida. The Manta5 team is dedicated to making products people love, and leaving the world a better place than it found it.

About the Hydrofoiler XE-1

The XE-1 (X= all ‘water terrain, E= Electric assist, 1- first edition), the first bike to roll off the production line. an electric-assist pedal model where users can change the level of motor assistance. Cyclists who want to provide maximum physical effort can reach a speed of 20 km/h and benefit from a range of 4 hours. The bikes are made of strong carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes them floaty and light enough to carry around. The XE-1 retails for $8,990 US / 7,990 EU Euros. (tax not included)

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