Today Instagram has become THE social network that the public adores, which is used everywhere, by everyone and in all fields. Everyone likes to identify with influencers and follow their advice given. That’s why we’re coming back today with an article on the 10 Instagram accounts you absolutely must follow! You will not be able to do without it. Let’s go !

1 – @surfmadame21,2K subscribers: creator of a blog about wellbeing, surfing, travel and ecology.

surf madame instagram


2 – @goldie_blondie30,3K subscribers: co-founder of @ellessurf. She is a dynamic mom who shares her daily life as a surfer and mom.




3 – @ellessurf : 9,244 subscribers: This is an association: Do you want to meet other surfers and get together to share a session?

Do you like various and varied activities, girls, in a good atmosphere?
The association ELLES Surf welcomes you with open arms!
No matter what level you are in Surf, your age or where you live!



4 – @pinkpacklife : 2,126 subscribers: She also runs a blog full of tips, illustrated photos with beautiful photos :


5 – @allonsrider : 80,6K subscribers: She is the founder of which is a blog.


6 – @alanarblanchard1.8M subscribers: Is a professional surfer and mom today. She shares her daily life between her surfer’s life and her family life.


7 – @bourezmichel135K subscribers: Is a professional surfer and makes very beautiful picture playing with light and waves.


8 – @johannedefay97,7K subscribers: Is a professional surfer who comes from Reunion.



9 – @cwcwakepark49,9K subscribers: Here you can find wakeboarding videos.



10 – @johndreling9411.1K subscribers: Passionate and wakeboarding professional, John shares videos about his passion.


10 Instagram accounts to follow absolutely!