This Saturday, November 9th, Kitesurf 29 and Randoplouf are mobilizing for the Watersports Telethon. I promise you will not be disappointed this year !

Don’t miss the Finistere watersports meeting!

With the program: watersports indeed but not only…

Warm-up with music (a first this year), swimming, water walk, kitesurf, Sup paddle, wakeboard, F-One equipment test and finally… the best for last : tasting pancakes (100% Breton). All in the good mood who shaped the reputation of the Britons (word of a Breton 😉)

Useful information :

Registration on site: 2 €. Donations to the Telethon are also accepted. See you at 2:00 PM

Map beach kerurus

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Watersports Telethon, beach of Kerurus / Plouneour-trez

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