Aquaparks, a revolutionary concept that has been invading water sports bases for a few years now!

Inflatable structures installed in rivers, lakes or swimming pools. A fun activity, for all ages and practicable everywhere as long as there is water! Today, you can find aquaparks all over the world, on wakeparks, kite spots…

But some spots have surpassed simple combinations of inflatable modules, discover our top 5 best aquaparks in the world :

1 – Ninja Warrior Aquapark at Liquid Leisure, UK

It is the first in the world, by Wibit, an aquapark inspired by the TV game show Ninja Warrior! Six lanes from the beach for three face-to-face races. Face your friends in duels without falling overboard.

“We have worked closely with ITV teams, the format producer Tokyo Broadcast System and Wibit Sports in Germany to create an authentic Ninja Warrior UK experience that complements our Wibit aquatic experience.” – Stuart Marston, Liquid Leisure owner.

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2 – Aquafun in Dubai

On the beach of JBR, the Aquafun aquapark represents the sentence “I LOVE DUBAI” ! A 5000 square meter combination of more than 100 inflatable modules that can host more than 500 people at the same time.

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3 – Aquapark Goleador in Boabay, Italy


When football comes to the water! It is on the spot of Boabay, that you will find the Goleador aquapark, customized on the soccer theme. Corners, goals, soccer balls, fan zone… all the elements are combined for a playful universe between water and soccer.

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4 – In the Vinpearl amusement park, Vietnam


It is in the largest amusement park in Vietnam that you will find the fourth aquapark in our ranking! Vinpearl Land is a multi-activity attraction park, from rides to shows. A combination made to measure for the attraction park, now the name Vinpearl floats in front of the attraction park !

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5 – Wake Island, California (USA)

For the last aquapark of our ranking, we have chosen to present you the one of the spot Wake Island, Sacramento ! Located on a wakepark, the aquapark is the largest in the United States.

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Top 5 of the world’ best aquaparks