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Ever dreamed of printing your surfboard in 3D? Respectful of the environment ? This is now possible thanks for this innovation.

Romain Paul is the bearer of this project. After many years working in advertising and web marketing he decided to devote himself to his passion and to create his company with Thibault Mallet after being 8 years product manager at a renowned printer. Romain Bessuges and Laurent Thomas, are specialized in the development of innovative solutions for e-merchants.

Even today, surfboards are not recycled and pollute for the marine environment.

Through the development of bio-composite materials and large-format 3D printing, Yuyo Surf has developed natural surfboards made of natural or recycled materials.

The boards are custom printed and help preserve aquatic ecosystems. Yuyo uses natural or recycled materials and thus produce less waste, thus minimizing the impact of boards on the environment.

The three values ​​that the company advocates:

Innovation: at the heart of the company’s DNA, calling into question is our credo, through a permanent research work to optimize materials, technologies, alloys, manufacturing processes …

Respect: the environment, his neighbor, work

Passion: Doing what you love and finding pleasure allows you to do it well but not only. It is also a therapy, a form of meditation, a way to feel good and to be in good health.

4 products are available on the website:

Yuyo Surf



Of the Concept page of the website you can directly find explanatory videos and more information about innovation.


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Yuyo Surf