Whether you are surfing natural waves or wavepools, you must choose a board that will be adapted to the type of waves you will be surfing. The waves in each of the world’s wave pools vary greatly from one pool to another. But some things have been noticed about the design of custom surfboards for wavepools.


A shorter board length and an EPS construction contribute to a high performance surfboard. Indeed, EPS (expanded polystyrene) is emerging as a preferred construction for wavepool surfboards due to its lighter weight.

A lighter surfboard will have more flotation, which is especially necessary for freshwater surfing.

The trend in surfboards for wave pools is also the reduction in size. This short length allows the board to fit into tighter spaces.

According to Jo Dennison : “I’m still looking for further improvements and new designs, I think surfboard makers will develop a completely new range in equipment to surf wave pools in the future.”

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