The Spotyteam introduces you to the activities surrounding the Serre Ponçon lake in this new article. Its magical blue waters will make you want to dip in. The lake is located in the heart of the Southern Alps, a 30-minute drive away from the town of Gap.

The aquaparks

A summer vacation must : aquaparks!

These inflatable structures on water are guaranteed fun and excitement for hours. With running, climbing, and jumping in the water. The largest in the lake! Right beside the aquapark is an arranged beach, where parents can watch over their children and tan.

At the edge of the Serre Ponçon lake is the WIBIT aquapark of Embrun.

activités au lac de serre ponçon : aquaparc wibit

Photo Credits : Serre Ponçon


A unique activitiy in the Serre Ponçon lake: electric surfing. Surfers can go as fast as 35 to 52 km/h, depending on the model they choose!

Learning the basics is quick and easy. In only a couple of minutes, you can have fun in the water.

It is the ideal activity in Serre Ponçon for those who are looking for adrenaline and sensations. Beginners can experiment with gliding on the water. During the holidays, it is a fun activity to practice with friends and family.

This activity is offered by E-Surfer. The nautical base also offers e-foiling.

For more information, click here.

activités lac de serre ponçon : e-surf, e-foil


The Serre Ponçon lake also has schools for those who wish to discover a new sport during a vacation week.

For those who want to discover kitesurfing, Kite Legende is the place for you.

Why kitesurfing? Kitesurfing is a fun water sport which combines aquatic and aerial sensations. That’s right, you can fly above the water during several seconds!

With time and improvement, you can even learn how to perform tricks and figures!

activités sur le lac de serre ponçon : kitesurf

Water skiing

If you love skiing in the winter, why not try out its equivalent in the summer: water skiing! This sport is available to all. Beginners will try not to fall at first. When they gain balance, they can try to perform tricks.

Once you’re balanced on the water, you can

activités lac de serre ponçon : ski nautique

Other activities at Lake Serre Ponçon

You still haven’t found what you’re looking for? There are other activities at Lake Serre-Ponçon:

  • wakefoil
  • wakesurfing
  • towed buoys
  • stand up paddle
  • canoe-kayak
  • jetski

Other activities near the Serre Ponçon lake

A place worth the detour:Authentic Wake Park at Rochebrune. A nautical base just 40 minutes from Lake Serre Ponçon.

Authentic Wake Park is the only water ski lift in the Southern Alps which allows you to wakeboard or water ski in a calm and magnificent setting. So, if you are looking for what to do for a day: this is the destination for you! The warm Authentic Wake Park team will be happy to welcome you.

You can discover the joys of water skiing, wakeboarding or even wakeskating. Activities are available from 6 years old.

A magical spot with seven different modules: springboards, slide bars, etc. So, beginners and experts alike can try them!

All courses are supervised by professionals who will be able to give you the best advice to become a true professional in the field.

In a friendly setting, you can also eat and dehydrate yourself.

authentic wake park / wakeboard cable park