What the development of wavepools will mean for the surf market ?

Since the beginning of the 20th century when surfing appeared, it has become more than a sport but a way of life.

We have seen many brands surfing on this sport’s values to develop their target. Indeed, today surfing is a way of life, dressing and thinking… Developed from the ocean to the center of the continents. For surfers or people who have never been on a surfboard before.

The artificial waves will push the surf industry into a new wave of growth. Sport will now be accessible to a larger number of consumers. A new generation of surfers, more urban. But also, this innovation will allow experienced surfers to surf more, on better waves.

From the point of view of surf brands, wavepools will be an opportunity to establish themselves closer to spots. In response to a saturated market in areas such as Biarritz or Malibu…

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