Offer a unique gliding experience to your customers with the MADEA CONCEPT surf simulator. A simulator that anyone can buy: the leisure companies, companies or individuals in France and abroad.

MADEA CONCEPT is a company that manufactures water attractions and surf simulators that are made 90% in Europe.
Today, Jean Guillaume Argoud, one of the three founders of MADEA CONCEPT answered our questions. Discover the WaveMotion surf simulator. Were you hesitant to take one on your farm? After this article, it will have no more secrets for you.

Can you introduce your WaveMotion surf simulator?

The WaveMotion allows you to practice nautical sliding activities. Its great strength comes from the fact that it is a multi-activity product. So an operator can offer different board sports. And this for everyone: beginners, children, athletes or non-athletes. There is really a desire to take care of the service to the customer, that is to say to meet their needs as well as possible.

The goal we share with our customers, the operators, is to always leave with a satisfied customer. The fact that a child starts bodyboarding with the whole family around, this creates real moments of enthusiasm and interactivity: this is what we call satisfaction.

It is possible to work in groups, for example those looking for intensity, the surf simulator allows them to respond. And at that time, the operator takes advantage of the WaveMotion technology.

Finally, the surf simulator and the surrounding environment create a mood. It’s also a bit of a show when beginners or experienced people use it.

As soon as the operator turns on the surf simulator, there are always people around who start watching: this is one of the key points of the operation.

It can be placed indoors or outdoors. Being outdoors is a must because there are a lot of water parks that are outdoors.

MADEA CONCEPT : simulateur de surf

What are the benefits of taking a surf simulator?

The attractiveness of the product, it becomes a lighthouse point that shines whether it’s in operation or even on social networks or on the internet .
Creating this focal point, you fix the audience around the surf simulator. Thus, the public will be fed by other types of services around: the shops around that sell sliding equipment, clothing, … or even a point to eat. It improves attendance, and for people who practice, to have services before or after the session.

Riders will find a sliding offer in places that do not allow it. For example, in the mountains, in general people are sliders, they go there to ski, and with the surf simulator, they will find a water slide offer. For resorts, campsites, hotels, this gives them a unique and innovative service.
Or a person who does not necessarily want to surf the big waves of the Atlantic, or does not like going to the open sea, the surf simulator allows you to practice in a secure environment. The surf simulator is configured according to the age, level, morphology and expectations of the client. The practice is therefore tailor-made.

MADEA CONCEPT : simulateur de surf

Do you have a mobile range ?

Yes. The mobile side (plug and play) is a separate standardized range. However, the WaveMotion can be above ground, the artificial wave will then be installed in an ephemeral swimming pool which becomes mobile. In this, we will talk about an above-ground or semi-mobile machine because a major logistical operation is needed to transport it. And on the destination site that follows, it will be necessary to provide infrastructure.

How to choose the model that best suits us?

The choice of installation depends site constraints.
For example, if the customer has an existing pool to rehabilitate, the idea of having a floating solution is interesting since it allows you to free yourself from the construction of a new pool. And in addition, it allows to use a space that is already built.
If the area is not buildable, the choice for above ground responds very well to this problem since the material is completely removable. This makes it possible to equip the site and to comply with the legislation.
And if the client wants to make larger constructions, whether as part of a renovation project or the creation of a park, we are rather on a complete construction.

What advice do you give your clients?

We give all our customers the key operating modes that they can remember. Then, of course, they have the final decision. You have to know how to test scenarios, see the marketing schemes that will work well at certain times. It works, it gets better.
On some sites, it may be better to sell quarters of an hour, on others by the hour.
For example, the merry-go-round mode from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., it is particularly interesting in water parks such as campsites. As the summer is very busy, the minute ticket makes it possible to discover the activity to many more customers for a more affordable price with greater turnover. Afterwards, these people can become consumers during remote hours of the day, in the format of privatization for example.

How does the WaveMotion differ from other artificial waves?

The great strength of the WaveMotion comes from its modularity, which it offers to customers. This translates into offering skiing to all audiences, so the sample of customers is very large.
A traditional surf machine is centered around the practice of wave sports, it therefore makes it possible to address a fairly narrow segment of the clientele: adolescents and young adults at 90%.
The WaveMotion makes it possible to address 100% of users, in particular families who represent 90% of the clientele of leisure bases , hotels or campsites.

Being modular, the operator can use different operating scenarios, maximizing his operating hours. The more customers there are on the installation, the more profitable it is for them.
Customers are different at different times of the day, and the product allows for variation. For example, we can take the small le morning with a fun and discovery offer, use the merry-go-round mode during peak hours and during the afternoons, welcome groups by privatizing the track. Everything is possible.

The goal is to fully understand how the machine works and to have a commercial offer that maximizes occupancy and therefore the turnover it generates.

les sables d'or - madea concept, fabricant de simulateur de surf

How quickly does the surf simulator pay for itself?

Ithere is no typical period. It will depend on your operation, your attendance: therefore between 4 and 8 years. Then there is the financial amortization on the one hand and the valuation of the product and the service on the whole of the exploitation of the other. Since in most cases, the product complements a main business model and acts as a real lever of attractiveness.

The goal of the S8M model is to pass 25,000 people per year for a session of around €10 per person.

For water parks, leisure centres, for them, having a surf simulator helps to attract people, to bring people in, to communicate, to satisfy customers or even to create a show on place.
Those who don’t practice, can still watch. Then when they look around, they find many services: shops, points to drink or eat, …

We recommend that prospects aim for a global offer. So they can take advantage of the WaveMotion.

What is the budget range for setting up the surf simulator?

It depends on the size. The range varies between 400,000 and 1 million euros before tax and excluding infrastructure. After that, you have to add infrastructure, so between 100 and 300 cents thousand euros. Inside, there is a little more cost depending on the level of finishes of the theming and layout.

The price of mobile surf machines starts at 200,000 euros.

How many people can a professional pass?

It depends on the modes. We recommend choose operating modes according to peak hours. For example, during peak hours, we will rather recommend flat use in multitrack mode with merry-go-round ticket sales, three-minute, five-minute tickets to maximize rotation.
With 3 minute streaks, you can run up to 20 users per hour, per track. If you have three tracks that makes 60 per hour. Peak hours for the leisure centers are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Afterwards on the reception of groups, it will depend on the size of the machine. On an S8M, you can accommodate between 8 and 12 people per hour. On 30-minute patterns, it may be necessary to reduce between 4 and 6 people.
You have to pay attention to the risk factors, collisions, … For example with beginners on a slope, it is not reasonable to be 4 at the same time on the track because they do not control their trajectory. The more the difficulty of practicing increases, the more it is preferable to reduce the number of people simultaneously on the track.

MADEA CONCEPT : simulateur de surf

How fast can you deliver the surf simulator?

Today the delivery schedule is around 7/8 months, it depends on the size of the machines. The machine is manufactured in spare parts, it is therefore delivered in spare parts.
A MADEA CONCEPT supervisor will be present as site manager, on-site coordinator. And afterwards, we have to coordinate a team on site, which may very well be the client’s companions or a team of temporary companions that we must recruit for the duration of the site.

Do you sell your products internationally?

Yes indeed. We are on the European market and we are always ready to respond to international opportunities. We have clients in New Caledonia, Italy and Spain, so our organization is ready.
The surf simulator is a product that is easy to ship and assemble afterwards on the various sites.

How long does it take to install the product? What are the constraints and prerequisites?

It depends on the size of the surf simulator: so between 5 and 10 weeks. Average pattern is 6.

There are prerequisites: the preparation of the site. The client must set up certain infrastructures:
– a small swimming pool called reservoir
– a technical room
– the arrivals of fluids and electricity
– and ideally the development of the site: a setting, a creation of environment, the decorations, …
All this is done during the production phase. After the order, there is a technical study sentence to see these different points. These prerequisites allow us to roll out the installation diagram without a hitch.

MADEA CONCEPT : simulateur de surf

How long is the product guaranteed?

This will depend on the model chosen. It is at least 12 months, and as standard, it is 24 months. Afterwards, we do the first year, a control mid-term meeting with our customers. We recommend an annual maintenance. So either every year or every two thousand hours of operation, which roughly corresponds to one year of operation.

Subsequently, we also offer warranty extensions that go up to 5 years, always in return for the establishment of a maintenance contract that will allow us to monitor the proper functioning and proper use of the equipment.

We do tailor-made products, but we offer tailored support to our prospects. Whether during the project phases or after-sales.
If a customer has a technical service, we accompany them at the beginning, then gradually we leave them completely autonomous on product management. And on the contrary, if a client does not have a technical service and does not want to manage the surf simulator, we offer them solutions.

How is wintering?

When the surf simulator is winterized, as in outdoor campsites, you have to run the pumps for a minute every week.
So it does not bring back a lot of consumption knowing that in addition it runs empty. As a result, there will be no problems when next season resumes.

In terms of after-sales service, how is it going?

We plan with the client to annual maintenance. The replacement of parts is done during maintenance.

During these interviews, it is also possible to add functionalities. We also review certain programs, and we update the automaton when we make improvements in terms of ergonomics, functionalities, security, …

It is also possible to add options that were not retained at the start, such as the tilting plan.

What are the different technologies?

The main technology is the slaved water distribution which allows you to adapt the flow in real time, adapt the speed according to levels, age, morphology of clients. It is possible to have several speeds per track.

The touch panel enhances security by instantly activating flow reduction to zero. And the system Moses can detect falls by lowering the flow instantly. It works today in the flat mode.

Another technology: the tilting plane, this makes the surf simulator unique since it allows you to multiply the practice scenarios. It is he who has the real explanation of modularity, of being able to offer an offer for both toddlers and snow sports professionals, to welcoming people with specific needs.

Around the track there is a inflatable environment which can be foam.

The flat WaveMotion is a product that constantly adapts to the user.

Conversely, on the reclining plane, the user adapts to the machine, the flow turns constantly and it is the people who jump in the flow. When they fall, they are propelled to the bottom of the track. As they exit, other people enter.

On the WaveMotion we are also working on other technologies that may be implemented tomorrow.

Is it complicated to change mode depending on the sport?

Everything is simple because everything is managed via a touch interface. In terms of time, it depends on several factors, it can up in 5-10 minutes and down in 5 minutes .

We recommend that only trained personnel use the machine. Therefore, technical and commercial handling training is required, which we provide to customers on site. It is composed of a theoretical part and a practical one.

MADEA CONCEPT : simulateur de surf  (multipistes)

Is water and energy consumption important?

Below the surf simulator are water tanks, it runs in a closed circuit so the water flow is not lost< /span>. For size S8M, the water volume is 60 cubic meters.
After a renewal of 2 to 3 cubic meters is to be expected with evaporation, people come out of the wave, it is necessary to wash filters,…
So water consumption remains quite low and controlled.

After this product remains energy-consuming on the electrical part. But once again, the WaveMotion is a tool that allows you to control consumption since it is possible to work at very high speeds. weak. The right electricity consumption for the right customer.

Un dernier mot pour finir ?

Leisure enthusiasts want to have something tailor-made, equipment that is connected, and that allows them to make connections. One of the advantages of the surf simulator is the creation of interactivity between people, the fact of being able to practice next to each other, to have an audience, to have reactions everywhere , to create excitement.
And even if we develop other products, we keep this notion of interactivity, sharing, and spectacle. Suddenly, the user becomes an actor of his leisure.

With MADEA CONCEPT products, you are an actor and you live the leisure.

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